German woman bags life imprisonment for murder


A German woman has been sentenced to life imprisonment after she was found guilty of murdering three people.

Her conviction on Tuesday was fast-tracked after it was discovered that she used their bank cards to take out money.

There were no witnesses to the killings, but the court in the western town of Giessen ruled that the evidence against the woman was sufficient to issue the highest punishment, ruling out an early release.

She was found guilty of killing and robbing a 79-year-old magician in Giessen in April 2016, and setting a fire to hide any trace of the crime.

In May that year, she went on to murder an 86-year-old woman and her 58-year-old daughter, whose accounts she stole money from.

State prosecutors described the defendant as a “seemingly pleasant’’ woman who turned out to be a “serial killer’’ who was “ice cold’’ in murdering the three victims.

The woman’s defence team had sought her acquittal.

She was on trial for a year and did not respond to the charges against her.

credit: NAN