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Before I gained admission to the university, my respect for undergraduates was tremendous. Then it was not easy to gain admission, so for anyone who has achieved that feat deserves to be respected. I believe undergraduates were special beings.


My very first night at Akanu Ibiam hall popularly referred to as hall 4 was bliss until the next morning. Becoming an under G of the prestigious university of Benin was not a small something. By 5am the next morning I had a knock on my room door. I jumped down from my bonk to answer the door. When I opened, I saw nobody. Looking at the hall passage I saw someone knocking on everybody’s door. I was surprised, so I enquired from him why he was banging doors, ‘wake up, abi day never break’ he responded. I was speechless.

The greatest shock was when I got to the faculty for my lectures, I saw this dude in my class. One thing led to another we became homies. Same class, same hostel, it was bound to happen. As our friendship progressed, I discovered that my friend was three decades and a year old. At 31 he was in 100level and could behave like that. Age is really nothing when you have a student identity card. One thing I cannot take away from him is his intelligence. He was really a scholar but his peripitia(reversal of fortune) is that he cannot coordinate himself. He earlier spent 6yrs at UNN and graduated with his WAEC certificate.

One sunny afternoon, I was at clinical hostel to see a friend. He called me severally but for no pristine reason I didn’t answer his calls. Later that night, at about 12am he came to my room to give me story. He started by asking why I didn’t answer his calls, he said he was calling me for a drinking session. He told me how it all started. He said he was lying seriously hungry on his bed when his roommate walked in. His roommate noticed his unusual condition and asked him what the problem was; he told his roommate his problem who took him outside the school to buy him food. While the attendant took his order, his roommate asked the attendant to give him a bottle of beer before serving my friend his food. My friend processed his thoughts quickly and concluded that he may not get beer after eating. That will be too much offer from a fellow student. So he changed his mind and requested for gulder max. He ended up drinking five bottles of gulder max and ate no food. He narrated this story and still went ahead to request for packs of indomie from me. I couldn’t believe my ears. I refused to give him. He started disturbing all my roommates, waking up everyone. He threatened that nobody will sleep unless they told me to give him noodles. My own indomie oooo. The truth is, we can’t do anything to him. My roommates had to beg me to give him noodles so we could have peace. I had no choice, so I gave him. How can an aged man exhibit such behaviour? Well, he is a jolly good fellow. Nothing bothers him. According to him, he is a strong man because he drinks gulder max. Gulder max according to its payoff is brewed for the strong.


Asemota Kings attended university of Benin, more uniben stories to come from me


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