Handbook of a Playboy (6)

Emmanuel Amani schooled in University of Ilorin


I disembarked from Grace in the morning. I couldn’t attend lectures. I was so worn out to do so. I slept at home all day. I didn’t even remember my phone was still on flight mode. I put my phone off of flight mode and one of the numerous messages I got was from Candy. Quickly, I opened Candy’s message and it read: I tried calling your line but it wasn’t connecting, 4pm will be fine by me. Royal restaurant is the location. For some reasons my eyes started itching. Royal restaurant is far from school and quite expensive but a player never say die. I kinda liked the idea because it shields you from meeting people who may know you. If this was the reason she chose Royal restaurant, then Candy is a badass.

At 3:50pm, I boarded a taxi to my destination. I was about thirteen minutes late. Candy was there having lunch. I apologized for coming late. She offered me a seat and asked me what I would like to have. I requested the same thing she was having. She was actually eating chicken kebabs and schwepps. Schwepps again! Candy made the order for me without much ado, which they said would be served in about fifteen minutes. I asked Candy why she has this attachment to Schwepps. She said that life is bitter and Schwepps reminds her and keeps her vigilant. I was confused, thinking about her response, she hit me with “Nuel what do you want from Candy? I certainly wasn’t expecting that question, not so fast. I guess my answer was dumb because when I replied her with “I want to be your friend” she said : I do not hangout with my enemy. Candy was proving to be a different kind, her choice of words always puts me on the edge. Food was served and Candy paid. For the first time in my life time on a first date, a girl paid the bills. This was news and should make the headlines on NTA.

There was a moment of tranquility. Thinking of what to say, she hit me again with another question “why is your heart beating so fast, don’t ask me how I knew because I can hear it”. This got me scared but I managed to compose myself. To hear my heartbeat from where she was seated is unbelievable. At this time, it dawned on me that Candy was controlling the outing. I told Candy what I actually wanted from her but she declined saying her heart belongs to someone else. I was not interested in Candy’s heart and I made this lucid. With a wry smile she said ‘you know in precision what I meant but you chose to be disrespectful”. “I thought you would admire my honesty” I replied. She gave me a ‘yimu’ look and kept mute. I asked her to tell me about her boyfriend, she said she had none. This was someone who just told me her heart belongs to someone else. “if you do not have a boyfriend, who does your heart belong to”? I questioned. She said her heart belongs to Jesus. In my own estimation, that was an attempt at being hilarious gone so dry. She saw the look on my face and said okay and started her story…

to be continued…



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