Handbook of a Playboy (7)

Emmanuel Amani


“I fell in love with this guy at 16. I just finished from secondary school awaiting my SSCE result. His name is Aminu, he was 28 at the time, 12years my senior. Aminu was working with an Aluminum company. He was so nice and caring. He loved me to bits and pieces. I loved him even more. Aminu wanted sex at all cost but I wasn’t ready. He begged me like his life was tied to my vagina. Though, the begging gets to me sometimes, I didn’t budge. I told him to wait till I turned 18. Aminu wasn’t happy but he kept on trying. At a point, I allowed him fondle my boob, kiss and touch my body but penetration was a no-no. After a while I figured I was gonna fall, I just banned him completely. Hug was the closest I permitted. Aminu was downcast. I never knew sex meant that much to him. I pitied him but I just wasn’t ready. Much later, my WAEC result was released. I failed. Aminu was raving mad. He was highly disappointed. Aminu broke up with me because I failed WAEC. He said I was good for nothing. In his own words, you don’t know book, you don’t know anything. I begged him to no avail. Aminu dumping me was a great inspiration for me, I read like I never did. I needed to prove Aminu wrong. Before the release of the next year’s exam, Aminu relocated. He has been incommunicado. Luckily for me, I passed my papers. i got 4As and 4Bs. I owe it to Aminu. You can call me stupid but I feel in my heart that Aminu will come back for me. I have not brought myself to love another man and never will.”

When Candy ended her story, I took a deep breath and said “whoah!!! As a gamer that I was, I cannot be moved by tales by moonlight. I wasn’t in a hurry to speak or give my thoughts, I mean, my actual thoughts on Candy’s story. However, I poured encomium on Candy. I told her she was one of a kind, the special specie, an uncommon breed. Aminu, anywhere he is, must be connected to this love and like the biblical prodigal son, find his way back home because in your arms is where he belongs. Candy I am proud of you, I pray God gives me my own Candy and returns your Aminu. With the radiant smile on face, I guess she liked my flows. It was time to leave Royal restaurant, Candy removed her phone and wanted us to take a selfie, hell no, that is no smart move.  A player never makes such mistake. Your picture should not be found in the phones of anyone especially females but don’t forget, your reason for not obliging should be cogent to avoid suspicion. The excuse I gave her was that pictures are emotional for me so I don’t take selfies with a woman I am not dating. She gave me a stern look like WTF. I didn’t care. The date came to an end and we left.

i got home safe and the only thing on my mind was how to bring down this wall of Jericho. Candy must go down whatever it takes and my approach was

to be continued…


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