Handbook of a Playboy (8)

Emmanuel Amani continued sharing his playboy diary with us on #TalesFromCollege


Thinking about all that Candy said about her relationship with Aminu. Let me not lie, I was blown away. Candy didn’t sound like she was painting a story. For me, that was something special. I would do anything to worship a girl who stays loyal even in my absence. I have had girls cheat on me under my nose, let alone when I wasn’t with them, if not I wouldn’t be a play boy. I would get Candy whatever it takes, however long it took, I vowed. It didn’t look like a piece of cake but Nuel never loses.

I put a call through to Candy to express my profound gratitude for the date. She assured me that she had fun. She had fun? Oh really!!! I was gonna build on that premise.

First strategy was a resolution to send a morning and night text messages every day for the next 30 days. The morning text contains few words of admiration and prayers for a profitable day while the evening text was inquiries and a clarion call to take stock of the day’s achievement and do better the next day. I call Candy once in two days. I didn’t want to be overly in her space. Besides, I need space too for other consignments.

My second strategy was a visit to Candy’s Political Science department to get her lecture time table. Hey, this wasn’t to stalk her, far from it. I needed to know the days she had marathon lectures so I would do something phenomenal. I remember she had crazy lecture fixtures on Mondays and Thursdays. I contracted a gift vendor, more like a courier man whose job was to deliver whatever I wanted to Candy. On any hot and sunny afternoon, I called him to deliver a cup of ice cream and a bouquet of flowers. Twice a week, Candy received these items from me via the courier man. She usually called to express gratitude. Of course, a girl like Candy deserves gold and diamonds and this I never failed to inform her.

After the first week, Candy started replying my messages. Her words were poetic. She really liked what I have been doing, evident in her responses. I felt good; I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Something I never envisaged happened; Candy called me on one of those ‘delivery’ occasions requesting my presence because her friends want to meet me. They were overwhelmed by my swag and desperate to meet this magnificent undercover lover boy. I escaped this by intimating Candy that my lecture schedule is rigid and besides we have nothing defined, so I wouldn’t want to look like a mugu in the presence of her friends. The air went dead, after some seconds the call ended. I guess she was speechless.

Later that night, me and Candy had a long telephone conversation discussing the recent episodes in our lives. I was a bit flabbergasted when Candy asked me to stop all I was doing because she was falling for me and she didn’t want that to happen. She even complained that her friends are asking her to give me a chance. At this point, I figured that continuing the conversation will do me no good, I told Candy goodnight on the excuse that we would talk about this later. As I hung up the phone, I beat my chest in excitement and said to myself “boy you are running this shit”.

The following morning at about 5:56am; I called Candy and asked her to listen to something, she said okay, I pressed the play button on Brandy’s “Have you Ever”. When the song ended, I dropped the call, nothing said. She called back, I ignored. Not forgetting my morning text, I composed and sent to her asking her to relish the lyrics of that song because Brandy saw this moment and made the song for us.

To be continued…


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