Handbook of a Playboy (9)

The 9th Lesson of Emmanuel’s playboy handbook, a scintillating and eye popping episode


Candy and I met, I saw the love in her eyes or should I say “weakness”. She was afraid of falling because she didn’t want something that would be transient. Surprisingly, she didn’t mention Aminu, which i was expecting and had already prepared my punch lines to dismiss such ramshackle excuse standing in the way of my ambition.  I reassured Candy that I was already on the ground waiting and praying that she meets me there. Candy asked me to give her some time to think this through. I wasn’t in a hurry. A gamer is never in a hurry. The water that a nigga will drink shall never pass him by. I told Candy to take her time. She took a deep breath like she wasn’t expecting me to say that. Did she want me to push harder or happy I wasn’t pressurizing her? I couldn’t tell.

Tragedy struck, the school authorities had internal imbroglio and academic activities was on hold for a fortnight. This may be my chance; I was going to find out. Thoughts proliferate through my head on the next line of action and there was an intuition. The plan was to take Candy out of Ilorin and the destination was Yankari National Park in Bauchi. I believed Candy would jump at the offer. I called to give Candy an insight to my plans; she was over the moon with excitement. I would eventually get a golden opportunity to spend some days and nights alone with Candy. I was already directing our movie in my head. I couldn’t wait.

Candy called me the next day to say that she informed her cousin who was elated and wishes to travel with us. I told Candy that my budget was just for the two of us, she said her cousin has her own funds. Whoever Candy’s cousin was, I didn’t like the idea. I tried talking her out of it but she was unable to stop her cousin from going with us. We planned to spend a week in Bauchi and the last week of the two weeks shut down was chosen.


I wouldn’t pack my luggage and embark on that journey without making secret enquiries to ascertain who Candy’s cousin was. That would be very dumb of me. As a player you must always be ahead of every situation. To my utter dismay, her cousin was Grace. Imagine the disgrace Grace would have caused me. Two days left on the calendar to our departure date, my world was coming to an end. I didn’t know what to do. I was damn confused. I remembered why the wife of Phinehas named her son Ichabod. In my own case, it was ideas, ideas have departed from Nuel. Like a coward, I carried my luggage and ran to Ugboju my village in Otukpo L.G.A of food basket of the nation. I needed time, space and a new atmosphere to meditate and re-strategize.  When I got to my village, I put my phone on flight mode. All I did was play games on the phone; connection to the outside world was suspended. It was a crazy experience; I never foreshadowed this ever been realistic. Then I asked myself, this life you are living, which way?

When I got back to school, I didn’t reach out to Candy. I received her messages expressing worries as to my whereabouts. She had no one specifically to ask or where to go to searching for me. I could imagine what she felt and what was gonna happen when we see eventually. I went about my business like nothing happened. Four days after my arrival, I bumped into Candy at Walkways, she ignored me, I ran after her trying to explain but she was really mad. I kept following; she had no choice but to stop. I lied to Candy that I was attacked by hoodlums in my house, and they took everything, my phones, even the money I earmarked for our trip. I was so ashamed to face her that was why I didn’t bother, even if I wanted, there was no medium to reach her. Candy became compassionate, so we sat down somewhere and I apologized to her. She stopped me from apologizing because she believed it wasn’t my fault.

Candy was near tears as she narrated to me how she was helpless and unproductive when she didn’t hear from me and couldn’t trace me. She realized how deep she was in love with me. She felt untold anguish and her cousin and friends were disappointed in her for having such a useless feeling for a guy she barely knows. At this point, Candy said we are going to my house straight from there, that there was no way in the world she would let me out of her sight without knowing where I lived. I couldn’t escape this one. It was so glaring.

It was the biggest risk to take Candy to my crib but i had no chance here. On getting to my crib, Candy started kissing me so passionately, I didn’t believe it. Before I realized what was going on, our clothes were off our body. The fire burning in Candy could consume hell. I only realized I was not in heaven when Candy screamed and pushed me away and I saw blood spilled on my bed. I cleaned her up and after a while we were up and running. Candy lost it to me in the name of love. I struggled to suppress my excitement but gadamn it, I worked hard for this. Candy wanted to take her bath but requested for crusader soap as that is the only soap she uses. I left my crib to get Candy her soap, unfortunately this soap wasn’t in my neighborhood, I went back to tell Candy. She told me where I would get it which was quite a distance from my house. I took a drop of N1000.00 to and fro to purchase a soap of N300.00. I was away for about 35minutes. Getting to my house, the biggest and most impossible surprise of all time happened. I saw Grace in my house with Candy, Grace was dazed when she saw me. I don’t know how this played out. These girls descended on me, when I woke up and saw the ceiling I knew I wasn’t in my house. My people I was in the hospital, my head bandaged. How Grace got to my house and what she was doing there remains a mystery till date.



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