How Facebook Stole From Me

Stanley Bentley


I have about 5 pages i manage on Facebook, do promotions and ad campaigns.
I was running this campaign for a client and the ad got discontinued
I sent a complaint to Facebook, no response. i sent again and again, yet no response.

Last week, there was this pop up on one of my facebook pages to schedule a meeting with Facebook. The meeting was to discuss how to best achieve my advertising objectives. In less than a month, i have spent about N300,000 doing promotions for a particular client. I guess that put my account on the spotlight and got their attention.

The fact that my campaign traffic was throttled anytime i increase my daily spending is a story for another day.

I clicked on the pop up and chose a meeting time and date with Facebook. At 4:17pm C.A.T i got a call from a Facebook marketing executive by name Virgilio Dias the call was scheduled to last for 45minutes but we spoke for about 25minutes. Virgilio asked questions pertaining the business i promote. He gave me tips on how to run an effective Facebook campaign. I asked him some questions which he answered and he also sent me links to aid me in running successful ads on Facebook. Virgilio even went further to ask me my ad budget for the next quarter which i told him.

With lack of response from Facebook in reference to my discontinued ad, i sent a mail to Virgilio voicing my frustrations. Virgilio sent me link to lodge my complaint. I followed the link, it was same form i filled severally earlier. Virgilio said i should fill it again. I did. No response still. I did yet again and again, no response. I sent more mails to Virgilio, he didn’t reply further. I guess the issue was beyond him. I became infuriated. That Facebook will call me barely a fortnight ago to discuss mutually beneficial business relationship and still disable my ad account is unbridled.  Life tire me. Of course, clients were asking questions. I told the person whose campaign was halted what happened and that i am seeking remedy.

Out of lack for what to do, I went online searching for what must have happened. In one of my mails i appealed to Facebook to at least tell me what i did wrong so that i circumvent that in the future. Those guys ignored my ass. So when i sought answers online, i came across an article explaining reasons Facebook may disable an ad account. The reasons are tremendous.

I can’t outline them here. However, the only reason which i suspect is that Facebook doesn’t permit ONE FUNDING SOURCE for more than one ad. Yes, i use my master card to fund my ad accounts. Dear Mark, am i supposed to have 5 different bank accounts to run 5 Facebook promotions?

What is the sense in that? I don’t know the reason for such analogue policy but it is not user friendly one bit.

My last ad campaign was N5000 for 24hrs. The ad stopped at N3,695. The ad account was flagged, all the other pages i manage flagged. My IP flagged. My bank account flagged. Right now, i can’t use my bank account, i can’t use my computer. I am suffering from depression.
Yes, i opened a new facebook page with another browser, omo it was flagged. my own don finish.
Why is Facebook ignoring all my complaints? Okay, they have Facebook, they can do as they please, i don’t know if it should be so but where is my money? I paid N5000 for a campaign, they spent N3700 approximately and they stole N1,300. If they decide to ban me from using their service, at least they should refund my balance.

Nobody in my generation has 0.00000001% of Zuckerberg’s wealth yet he has decided to be unfortunate. Please refund my balance. You can’t disable my ad account and confiscate my money too. That’s inappropriate.