How My Roommate Almost Got Defrauded By ‘RUNTOWN’


I was a fresher at the University of Port Harcourt and I was allocated to King Jaja hostel were I met Nessa and my other roommates.

Luckily for everyone, we had great vibes and instantly became like sisters, it was  one big family, with several ups and downs.

Runtown was new on the Nigerian music scene. His latest single was a hit and every girl had a crush on him, so you can imagine our excitement when Nessa told us she was chatting with Runtown.

She had been chatting with him on Facebook for a while and they had progressed to Whatsapp. Our greatest joy was when she informed us about his coming to Port Harcourt, he wanted to pay the love of his life a visit.

Runtown was in love with our roommate and we knew such a relationship was going to be beneficial to everyone of us. Imagine being the friend to Runtown’s girlfriend, lol.

Nessa jealously guarded her phone, she had a two way password and we would all turn around whenever she wanted to open her phone. We understood her fears, uniport girls were legends at boyfriend snatching so everyone was skeptical about everyone.

We encouraged her not to tell anyone else, girls can be jealous and besides we didn’t want anyone else to share with whatever goodies Runtown would give our friend.

One day she told us Runtown wanted to send her an IPhone 5. It was a bitter sweet moment. We were happy because our friend would be upgrading from her infinite hot note to the latest IPhone but she’d be leaving us behind with our drab Tecno phones. We had to be happy for her, at least one person was an Apple user in the room. We can always borrow her phone for selfies.

Things became a little awkward when she told us he asked her to send 8k to the shipping company that would send the IPhone down to Port Harcourt, because he was on tour in the US. We figured 8K was chicken change for an IPhone 5.

He sent an account number and said the company demanded payment before delivery.

We had to hold a room meeting and we all decided that maybe something was wrong with this Runtown. Why couldn’t he pay the 8K himself for the shipping.

She finally allowed us to see their chat and we realised it was obviously someone posing as Runtown. The Facebook account wasn’t even verified,so there was no way to know if he was the real Runtown or not. He blocked her after two days. Lol.

It was a truly sad ending. We didn’t have a celebrity boyfriend and we weren’t related to anyone dating a celebrity either. Life is a pot of beans.


Olivia Sose is an undergraduate of University of PortHarcourt


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