How Prostitutes Inspire Me

By: Stanley Bentley


To most of us, there is nothing noble about selling your body for money. Prostitution is satanic, it is demeaning, it is debasing, it is shameful and some of us opine that prostitutes should be wiped away. Whichever way you feel about them or the act, it is entirely your prerogative. You may be wrong, you may be right.

I once read an article written by a lady. The narration was expected. Her piece was laced with citations from every holy book she had come across crucifying the trade and the traders. She didn’t spare anyone who aided and abetted prostitution. From a religious perspective, she is absolutely correct, but then, God is a just God; at least that is what they say. An unjust God wouldn’t have included Mathew 7:1 in the holy book.

A person who has achieved tremendous success at 25 would never understand why a man of 40 is still trying to make ends meet. No, he will never understand.

All a football fan wants is for his team to score goals, so when Romelu Lukaku is counting legs in front of goal, United fans wouldn’t understand it.

I recently had a chat with a female who had no pity for those Africans in Libya being sold into slavery. According to her, “people go and risk their lives and I am looking for bail for them”. To say I was shocked at such insensitivity and wickedness would be putting it mildly. I lost my composure, threw decorum to the winds and unleashed all manner of tirade. It would make sense to publish the transcript of that conversation but that is not essence of this piece. I just want to buttress how one-way-traffic people’s mindset can be. It is inappropriate to see things from one direction.

I drive around the streets of Abuja at odd hours and see beautiful young women standing under the rain looking for clients. I am only a human being, so I wonder why somebody would stand for such hours waiting for an unknown client, even without military training they could stand for a long time. Sometimes under the blistering cold. One day I decided I was going to stop to find out how much they charge for a night, I was surprised to learn that they charge as little as N5,000. When I asked the lady why such a beautiful girl like her would indulge in such a trade, without saying a word, she walked away. I tried calling her back but she was gone hustling for a customer. Wetin concern bicycle and filling station? She could tell I wasn’t a customer and no point wasting man hours on me.

Then I said to myself, a prostitute standing under the rain to find a client is determination. Rain is not enough to deter them. Going back home without getting laid is a bad day at the office and that is not acceptable to them. So they stay put until they get paid by whoever requires their services.

Walking away from me when I asked her why she is prostituting is focus. She knows what she wants and wouldn’t delve into frivolous conversation during office hours. She didn’t come out from her house to listen to any moral lectures.

Standing on the road and waiting for someone you don’t know jack about to pick you up is bravery. I don’t know where they got the guts from, even as a man, if a car stops beside me for enquiries, I am already on my marks to take off in case of any crooked movement.

So when I look at these prostitutes, I see determination, I see focus, I see guts employed just to succeed in their career, then I ask myself, what in my life have I done with such determination, such guts and with my senses fixated on the goal. If those in the shameful career can deploy these attributes, I have no excuse. Look on the bright side, despite how terrible the situation might appear.