Indian Men To Clean Station As Punishment For “In My Feelings Challenge”


Sentenced by a magistrate, three Indian men will have to clean the railway station for three days as a punishment for participating in the “Kiki challenge” on a train.

The viral “In my feelings challenge”started by internet comedian Shiggy which has people jumping out of moving cars and dancing also showed the three men portraying how people in differnt Indian states would perform the “Kiki challenge”.

While the video seems to have been taken down, it already had over two million views on Youtube under the name Funcho Entertainment and here’s what its administrators had to say about the Kiki dancers:

“Everything is fine guys. We’re all good. You’ll get all the updates of what exactly happened and everything in one of our upcoming video. Till then stay tuned,”.

Police in India and around the world has warned against participating in the dance as they feel it is quite dangerous and here’s what the Magistrate had to say to the men:

“You did something wrong and now you will create public awareness for the next three days that this was wrong and it endangers you and others,” 

Here are some fun attempts at the challenge:


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