The Journey 3


The rest of our stay was meant to be spent having fun; from going to the
beach, to the Cotonou market amidst all within our plans. After handling the
heciliculture section the next day; we set out to have our so-called “fun”.
Na so the journey started ooo, I was in my normal seat at the back jeje
observing the environs on our way to Cotonou. I saw this celestial man |the
founder| billboard, something about the church 60th anniversary or whatever;
I was like so cele people sef dey here.
We sha reach the market after about 2-3hrs, na to alight dey parade about,
at some point we were all moving around like a flock of sheep all in the name
of being careful so not to get lost |imagine adults like us|. So we split
ourselves into groups, and we were all instructed to converge back at the bus
in 1-2hrs tops. Na so I dey point it out to my group members [Bayo & Balotelli]
that we should hurry, make dem no leave us comot.
After all the hastiness, just few of us were back at the bus when the time
lapse given had set, the rest were all still doing their thing in the market. The
lecturers that gave the time lapse sef were nowhere to be found. We were just
there waiting and having fun.

Some of dem girls bought Ankara; na there dem start dey use themselves
laugh again, say one is fake, that kuti was cheated, and don’t recognize fake
Ankara |lol|, me dey back jeje dey laugh. Na so bose bought goods as though
preparing to start a business with them in 9ja |funny girl|, featuring that
Ankara wey fit cover two 7ft bed |lol, exaggerating|, say she wan surprise her
parents |doing my mouth|.
At some point the waiting got boring, we that were still planning on going to
beach that day, after dem don waste all our times finish, na so we see them
from afar. So where wetin dem con waste time dey buy since nah? |frowns|,
Odefadehan was just walking and laughing as his babasala trouser was being
blown sideways by breeze, Adesida go just dey press hin trouser for back, apa,
shey hin no know his normal trouser length ni? All these old people in young
body sha. Dem sha apologized, then we headed back, on our way we were told
we won’t be able to make the beach, say that part of the money will be
returned. We were all angry and rightly so, apostle sha gave various reasons
Of all; Eyinade’s frustration was obvious |lol|, no b her fault nah, I even
heard she’d bought bikini |hahaha|, maybe she wan flaunt curves to guys
|lol|. She sha dey talk, eeyah, I felt for her, I like her for that, she’s not the
type to soak in frustration all inside just like me |winks|. It was settled, na
that time pope go dey taunt am again, she lashed out at him, sharply hin take
style arrange himself |lol|. The rest of the journey back was just quiet jor,
since all the plans to have fun don go down with goliath.
The only fun from the day aside from the market was a stalled news going
on, Bose and Elizabeth and their tussle for husband |hahahahaha….lol|. I
kuku don’t know the reason for the quarrel as the news was not even clear, I
sha heard it was like Elizabeth said she can’t fight Bose maybe that one wan
fight her, Lizzy be like she can only fight when a third party wan snatch her
husband |nawa ooo….hahahahahaha, wetin we dey talk wey she dey talk
husband matter, roll_eyes|, say Bose sef no dey class of person wey fit snatch
her husband |hahahahaha, all these girls sha won’t kill persin|. It was thus
obvious that some serious shit was going on in that their HQ. Na so dem talk
say mama Jericho sef no allow Bayo enter dem Bose room, say a boy shouldn’t
enter girls’ room |hahahahahaha, dat woman sha|, say the thing serious ooo,
I no no say she be caretaker/guardian join wetin she already is, Na make God
sha save man-pikin ooo |smilewinking|***


Oluwaseun Akinlembola schooled in Federal University of Technology Akure

The concluding part drops tomorrow. #Wait4it


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