Kumuyi Prophesies Hope for Nigeria


The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, says there is hope of freedom for individuals and nation as a whole  passing through difficult moment.

Kumuyi who stated this at a programme titled emancipation crusade` at the National Stadium in Abuja on Sunday,  prayed for God’s intervention in all difficulties being experienced by all and sundry.


The cleric said that an individual or a nation needs emancipation when being held by a stronger force, adding that it was only divine help that could bring solution in such situation

“When someone is under a terrible situation and does not know the way out, it is only a mighty power of God that can bring total freedom in such a situation,” he said.

The pastor explained that there were three strong forces of sin, Satan and sickness that normally put an individual or a nation under a siege.

According to him, when one is under a siege of sin, sickness, and Satan there is need to seek for emancipation through Jesus Christ.

“Emancipation mean being set free from the power that is stronger than a person, if you are under a siege then a mighty power is needed to set  you free,” he said.

He cited Mathew Chapter 1 :21 and said that Jesus Christ came to emancipate man from sin, Satan and sickness.

credit: NAN

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