Learn From My Mistakes

By Babatunde Obajemu


College is a time for studying what interests you most as well as experiencing the social world with maximum freedom that we’ve never had before. I graduated from Kogi State University [2013] Political Science Department.

My flare for politics and my fear for science courses landed me in my dream course, department known for RIOTOUS and STUBORN fellows. 100 level was full of drama because peer groups determine your class in the department and sure we all want to belong to top guns.

While serious students were laying GPA foundation, *local man* was busy learning how to *shoot on target* [womanizing] until first semester result surfaced like 2019 general election results, my crew still believe tribunal [bribing lecturers] “hope of common man” can change the result.

First semester 200 came flashing but still unprepared because we have a whole 4 years to have fun, obviously we can wait on 400 level to make things right. At this point myself and the crew already mastered womanizing act meanwhile my GPA keeps nose-diving like downward “bitcoin” drive, at this point I started the fight obviously not for top four anymore but relegation survival like premier league table. Influence of peer group on academic performance can never be overlooked.

On this faithful day our 200 level was pasted and we all gathered to check it out at the department, a particular lady screamed *despite this stupid lecturer chopping all my wafers; …I still failed* myself and my crew humbling staring at 5,6,7 carryovers in our results. That was my turning point I realized your body or your money is not enough for any lecturer to help you without helping yourself.

I realized huge task ahead of me, beating second class division which was the only hope left, firstly I disconnected the peer groups and put an end to all parties, the hatred begin not just from my physicals friends alone this time but against rulers of occultist, I concluded it was over for me and my academic career. My 300 performance brought me to limelight as one of the best student for that semester which sparked interest from most lecturers, eventually one of the lecturer discovered I am a computer expert (as a student please never hide your talent) and that was another landmark and crossroad because of my access to lecturers and clues to results as well, most students became my friend and my old folks obviously bow to the new “SERIOUS Student”.

Sadly I could make the secondly class upper division but I strived and achieved second class lower division, Immediately applied for my MSC after NYSC to correct my mistakes. Hopefully young undergraduates can learn from my mistakes as well