He Left Me when I Told Him I was Pregnant


It’s the year 2010, fresh out of secondary school into the uni straight tho it was a

diploma program but who cares uni na uni..I met this guy before heading to school,

it was a long distance love thingy but we made it work , fast forward to Valentines

Day I let him have my virginity because I was blinded by this thing called “LOVE”,

it was painful at first but felt good considering the fact I left school to come see

my beloved boyfriend…lol… fast forward to i cane home for the waster break so

did he, we had sex and boom💥 Pregnancy yaff come sadly I wasn’t aware till I went

back to school and it was already a month went for a test and it showed I was 2

months gone, how the hell did I let this shit happen but as a tough babe na I smiled

out of the lab and called my ‘beloved’ boyfriend, he was angry at first I dropped

the call on him, I wanted to cry but mehn I couldn’t find the tears, I went straight

to the market got alabukun and lime mixed the combination and drank it lucky for me

my roommate wasn’t around so it was just me and my unborn baby! I swear I was scared

asf cause I didn’t want my family to find out I’d be dead and I didn’t have money

neither the stupid boyfriend of mine, I had to wait till my mom sent my school fees,

I went to the General hospital for counseling and the nice Doctor I met there

introduced me to another doctor who had his private practice somewhere off the

school axis, I wasn’t scared asf mehn I kept thinking to myself what if I die who

would tell my story I couldn’t even bring myself to tell my best friend she’s kill

me so fast forward to the day of the DnC procedure I took out of school fees when to

see the doctor with no sedatives used I was done in 5,10mins I screamed like crazy

the dr even slapped me lol to keep me quiet, he said the baby was already 3months I

couldn’t even bring myself to look at the foetus knowing fully well I had just

committed murder, I was given drugs to take and 3days later my period came with

black thick blood! My boyfriend then did nothing to help asides been far away and

cheating I still sent him some money out of my school fees since he was going to

give it back wasn’t much tho so I didn’t beat myself but from that day I knew I was

done with his ass, don’t know where the sudden hatred came from but mehn I hated him

so much but I still went with the flow….

Fast forward to exam time I had already met someone we were dating but it was more

for the sex for me cause I thought I was paying my other bf back little did I know I

was only damaging myself emotionally! Sucked to be me at that time but what the hell

I was living life, I was unable to get the money to pay my fees so I ended up

spending the change left with me after borrowing a friend of mine to complete her

own school fees see life till today she never pay am complete o! Results came out

and mine didn’t why because I hadn’t completed my fees my mom kept asking I kept

stalling looking for means to get the money, eventually she called the school and

they told her I didn’t pay the other half of my school fess all hell broke lose the

whole family turned on me saying I have the money to some guy blah blah, I had to

forfeit one year and write jamb again and start all over again I guess God was

teaching me a big lesson….I saw my ex recently and I was looking so hot and peng

he started yapping bout how we need to see and bullshit i just hate him so much rn,

I can’t stand to be in the same room with him, probably he regrets letting me go o

don’t give a damn but mehn I learnt a fucking great lesson!


Writer: Chose to remain anonymous


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