By: Stanley Bentley


The internet recently went awash with Bankole’s marriage proposal to delectable Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi. Adesua used her instagram page to tell the story of how it all began. We don’t know if the affair started before “the wedding party” or after the movie. Whatever the case, we have lots of lessons to learn from this event.

The affair started from the DM. Adesua responded but friendzoned Banky for over a year. Good and mature step because many of our girls will never reply their DM. Anything can happen anytime and anywhere, don’t let pride cheat you. Reply that DM now.

Banky was patient. Adesua even claimed that Banky prayed and fasted with her. What a gentleman. A great guy. How many of our men can do that? Good things they say come to those who wait. However, Banky my guy, one year was too long to get a woman to agree. Haba!! no be masters degree you dey do na.

Adesua apologized to Banky for taking too long to realize he is the one. Does this presuppose that Adesua is not very smart? How can it take you that long to identify what is meant for you? No she can’t be smart. Banky proved that they were birds of a feather when he spelt marry as maary. What a couple.

After the reggae play the blues; after the wedding party comes the wedding. Take a trip to United states of America and remember the movie Mr & Mrs Smith (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). Just like Banky and Adesua, the duo got together in matrimony after they shot the movie. We all know how it ended. History should not repeat itself. God forbid, we bind and cast. Such fate won’t befall Banky and wife.

Dear Mr & Mrs Wellington, take your union off social media. Many celebs who towed that line didn’t live happily ever after. Mentioning their names would be tantamount to reminding them of what they have forgotten or trying so hard to forget. We don’t care if you prayed or fasted. That is your private life, kindly keep it so.

Meanwhile, i didn’t see your boy Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid in all your wedding photos. i hope there is no trouble in paradise?

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