If You Lie, You Will Die…

By Abire Sunday Olugbenga


Dino was at it again for sounding victimised for doing the right thing. Hence, our collective pity is needed to cushion the effect of his throes. In his latest joke like the popular Yoruba thespian, Babatunde Omidina, popularly called Baba Suwe, who is known for untamed ‘awada kerikeri’ in most yourba home videos. Suwe is never serious even in the middle of a task that demands seriousness. Such is the character of senator Dino Melaye in his recent ordeal.

Let’s dissect his “if you lie, you die, if you speak the truth, you die” narrative before Gbenga Adeyinka, the GCFR of comedy, makes some gains from it. At least, in a very serious manner that will best evoke the pity he intends to curry for himself. He sure needs one from us now so that he can relish us with more comedy before the expiration of his service. He also needs it to continue with his good work for the people of his constituency. Abi, even some of the highly cerebral legislators from your constituencies are docile, sterile and eventless. And since nature hates vacuum, Dino has stolen the show.

Dear Dino, fear not for death isn’t the ultimate punishment for man’s tomfoolery. I have written so much about death and I hope not to repeat myself here. Death is just a mere word like our finance minister has said about the inclement recession. In fact, great men do not fear death. They only fear what happens after death. To think that senator Dino thought death was the ultimate punishment for any crime against humanity is to further lend credence to his no or fake certificate saga that’s currently rocking his boat. 

I wish our senator knew that death is his helper as the complete obliteration of his sins is possible in death. It might be wiped off for those who suffer chronic amnesia. In other words, to die in Dino’s case is to receive some respite which his existence wouldn’t have guaranteed. Perhaps, our truthful senator didn’t know that posterity will not judge him alone but his generations too. He would have totally destroyed the greatness in his lineage with his shenanigans. He would have ruined their chances of reaching their apogees in life. He would have finished them even before they arrive.

The Yorubas are good at telling tales. I know children of great men in Yoruba land who have dropped their fathers’ names to avoid possible opprobrium. I also know some who have done nothing to qualify for anything good except the good names of their fathers. When the time is up, Dino will know that the fathers truly ate the sour grape and the children’s teeth are set on edge. He would have believed in the efficacy of the word of God to be truly eternal. I pray he would be alive then to know that death isn’t the ultimate punishment for man’s tomfoolery. He had better speak the truth to stay alive. Hello Dino. Welcome to another goof. ‘A je ku iya ni o je, eni ti a nwo to tun nwo ran, a je ku iya ni o je…’

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