Look Who Is On Bruno Mars “Finesse” Remix: It’s Cardi B


Just yesterday, Cardi B was named the third person in history to have three songs on the Billboards Top 10 simultaneously.

Today, she is in the news with the 90s’ king, Bruno Mars.

A week and some days after the rumours of her and Bruno Mars having a collaboration started to spread, the “Finesse” remix dropped yesterday night.

A sound manager took to Instagram to applaud their hard work. According to him, “My starstruck ass helped the sound manager record a video for Bruno Mars and Cardi, allll night,” an alleged sound manager assistant wrote on Instagram. “They literally record for 12+ hours just to get 4 minutes of video time!! But they work sooo hard like it’s literally their JOB!”

We expect nothing less from these two.

Click to enjoy the song.

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