Is He the Messiah or Should we expect another?

The concept of the Change the people had was from “Night” to “Day”
As campaign promises and propaganda posed it would be.
Yet as the minutes counts and the days run by, “Day” as expected by the masses became worse than the “Night” they had been surviving as mass suffering on a new scale became reality even Prophets didn’t see coming.
The gentle giant ridicules us as would an Insensitive dictator.
Education ceased to lead/begin a career as Employment became scarce.
Retrenchment and sack letters created a state of insecurity,
Study hard and enjoy the rewards became a falsehood
As Injustice and nepotism have been taken to a whole new level.
Brutal killings became/enjoyed prime time coverage
Salute to the “Unknown Soldier” who paid the supreme price for a country that deserved it?
Mothers and widows alike toil endlessly, becoming the new drivers of family survival.

Hunger and suffering are the newly-signed treatise
With goods/means of livelihood destroyed by the false proponents of change

The confounded Citizens begin to wonder
If this “peaceful” giant has not gone rogue
Now we know better, learning the hard way
That all that glitters is not gold, change can easily be poisoned apples
But this incorruptible giant claims to act for our good yet no food.
We hope for the brighter tomorrow loudly proclaimed
Since the broad promises have been reduced
To just combating Corruption and Insecurity
To the exclusion of economic, job security
Thus eroding Foreign investment confidence
Now the future leaders of the aforementioned tomorrow
Are presently battling daily temptation to become Urchins
Forced by deprivation and obvious lavish lifestyle of the Elites
Battling to learn and improve themselves, to live with Integrity
Whilst many have been sidetracked to fraudulent activity
But there is hope, as proven in lands far across oceans
A disenfranchised citizenry may seem silent and Lethargic
But democracy entrenched the right of voting out a Government that remains out of touch
Come Election day, a silent majority just might come out and blow away a negative wind of change(so far)
A Government is elected by its citizenry at least in a democracy
Thus it behoves it to be sensitive to the plight and agitation of same
Empty propaganda has got us this far.. Backwards
A soul mate publicly criticising should.. give all pause
Stop, consider, then think again; are we really moving Forward?
written by: Baba SeGe

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