I remember back in those days when music was a source of inspiration. People listen to music to lift up their spirit when they are emotionally down. I remember back then every song had some sort of meaning attached to it. I remember after listening to a song it goes straight to the heart and tickles the mind.

I remember the likes of king Sunny Ade, baba Fela, Onyeka owenu and the rest of the legends. The feeling a person gets after listening to such master pieces they crafted is unspeakable. Then and only then you would know that a true legend is singing.

In these new era you would hear some songs and wonder what am I hearing, not to talk of what are they saying and when you finally hear what they say it is either rubbish or repeated several times, just listen to “take banana” by D’ Prince for a sense of what I am talking about. Someone would listen to songs by our ‘celebs’ and wonder if it’s a joke gone bad.

Let’s just face it most of what parade themselves as today’s music have lost touch with any form of intelligence. They pass no message across, it’s just loud, disturbing and frankly speaking the talent is not just there anymore.


Music is no longer an art but a scam, a medium to acquire wealth at the expense of the true meaning of music. Lovers of good music as I am wonder why musicians did not take notes and follow the footsteps of their predecessors. The value of music has gone down the drain due to untalented individuals taking the stage. We are now in a period where anybody with access to a microphone can proudly call him or herself a musician without any recourse to the basic tenets of good music.

I miss good music because the world is currently in dire need of it. We need a constant reminder that we are all humans and also remind us the basic values of life and musicians with their art can very well do that. I miss good music because I am tired of bad music constantly infiltrating our airwaves.


written by Patrick Agunwa



  1. I’ve read through this article and I must say it’s a good one .We had true artistes back then but we must not also ignore the true artistes of today.The likes of Tuface,Darey,M.I,Flavour,Chidinma,Waje,Patoranking,Tiwa,Tecno,Yemi Slade and so on.These artistes and so many others have worked so hard to get to where they are today.We must not allow the bad eggs cloud our sense of judgment. We also had artistes back then that were lyrically empty as well.