Mum breaks baby’s skull quarrelling with husband

U.S mum Heidy Rios, charged with cruelty to a juvenile

A U.S. mum has been arrested by police in Los Angeles after her 3-week-old baby suffered a fractured skull when she threw him at his father’s feet during a heated argument, police said.

Heidy Rios, of Terrytown, Los Angeles, had a tense dispute with the baby’s father last Thursday night, authorities said.

At one point, the 24-year-old Rios allegedly grabbed her newborn son, threw him and said, “take your f****** son,” The Times-Picayune reported.

The father rushed the baby to a local New Orleans hospital, where doctors determined he had fractured his right temporal bone. Doctors contacted the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The baby’s injuries aren’t life-threatening.

Authorities said Rios initially denied throwing the newborn, saying she didn’t know he was hurt.

However, she later told detectives that she may have dropped the child during the dispute, the newspaper reported.

Rios was arrested Friday and charged with cruelty to a juvenile.

credit: NAN