By Abire Sunday Olugbenga

I saw a spider today and I took time to learn some salient lessons for its activities. Unlike my usual haste to destroy its beautiful web, I watched with awe the finesse with which the spider builds its web. Not that I haven’t seen a spider before, but being awestruck was as a result of many thoughts that accompanied my lessons.
An average spider carries its web everywhere it goes. Unlike most ants, it spreads its web strategically. The web may look tiny but it catches anything that undermines its potency. With hard work, a spider dutifully spreads its web and waits for the prey. This may happen in a moment and it might take time. What it does first is to be diligent. Serendipity, not luck brings its food. While it’s uncertain that a pretty prey may come hanging in the web, it sets another web as an alternative plan. It mustn’t go hungry.
The webs may not be promising enough for the spider. It goes after other preys where it hasn’t set a web sometimes. That’s why you see a spider hanging patiently near your wall for the unsuspecting prey. As it does that, it checks its web to see if it has performed its duties. I wondered, how could a tiny web stop a big insect? The more the insect struggles to jet out, the more it gets entangled inescapably.
Like me, there are lessons we must learn from the life of a spider. While we set our targets daily, we must be dutiful. Nothing comes from being lucky. You need to position yourself for the greatness you desire. As dutiful as you may be, don’t be anxious of immediate gratification. Your seed will determine your harvest. You don’t expect cocoa and maize to be ready for harvest at the same time. Time is a great decider and your seed determines the time of harvest.
The spider spreads its web without the foreknowledge of a particular prey. It does that dutifully to ensure that it takes on whatever makes its way into the web. We must be diligent even if it means starting from the valley. You don’t necessarily need the best tools. Use what you have and better tools will come as you progress. Great things start small but we must project to get the best out of whatever our hands find to do. An alternative plan is important to stay above disappointments. Winning is strategic and it doesn’t come to the unprepared. Stay dutiful like the spider.
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