My Sexcapades in Yabatech


I had my OND in yabatech. Yabatech was full of life, I met people of
different kind. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, I was also a virgin. Exams
was the worst thing that befell me, i hate reading.
The first paragraph is just a brief introduction.
Immediately after classes, I always rushed to my room to do nothing but
stay indoor. I was determined not be influenced negatively by the social
vices on campus. My friends complain about my dullness, they always
motivate me to go out with them at night to catch some fresh fish(babes) in
akata(biggest female hostel in yabatech). I successfully turned them down
throughout my stay on campus.

Fast forward to my ND 2 days, my roommate’s girlfriend gave me the phone
number of a girl without the lady’s consent. We talked on phone for about
2weeks but I always turned down the opportunity for us to meet. Finally, I
decided to meet her and I asked her to meet me at a popular spot but I
stayed a few meters away from the spot because i wanted to see who I was
gonna talk to first before she sees me, lo and behold, here comes the
beautiful, dark, chubby, curvy and beautiful lady. I was so scared of her
beauty and size that I had to run away and postponed our meeting. It took
me some weeks for me to agree that we try and meet again, this time around,
I summoned courage and i met her and spoke to her face to face for the
first time. we talked at length and I know that she liked me already. We
started dating and she gave me her rules(no sex) which I agreed to, we kiss
and romance but I was not comfortable because she said she’s a virgin but
she gives me blowjob like a pornstar, she kissed like she went to school of
kissing. She came to my room one day then we started our usual romancing
but this time it ended with sex, two young lads just lost their virginity
but it didn’t come without the usual drama of ladies after the hymen has
been broken. it took me days to apologize to her and let her know that
wasn’t all i wanted from her. ( don’t ask if we are still together) we were
so much in love that everybody called us husband and wife. We had good sex
regularly and that was my greatest undoing, I craved for sex everyday, we
had sex in all the dark spots in school. We were caught having sex in one
the classrooms by security men, I had to part with some amount of money to
free us from our captives.

My grade wasn’t so good because I was not reading at all, though I
eventually managed to graduate with a lower credit.
Flashing back through memory lane, I enjoyed every bit of my experience in
I still don’t drink and smoke till date but as for sex………
Pardon my disjointed sentences in the stories