My thoughts about Relationships

Authur Daniel


Someone once asked me what I thought about relationships..what a

relationship between a boy and a girl a gentleman and a lady and I smiled

and said,I’ve not been in a relationship so I can’t give the best answer

but..the truth is so many people think that relationships are about sex and

pleasure,well it’s a big part of it but it’s not the most important thing

in a love driven’s about falling in love with someone you

are crazy about,someone that makes you happy,someone you can reach out for

and they’ll find your hand without thinking,someone you can look across a

crowded room for,someone that will stare back at you and smile,someone that

completes your thoughts,someone you can stare at all through the night

because reality is finally better than your dreams,someone whom you can run

your hands through the cracks of their hearts and look at them with a smile

and say you are not going anywhere..someone you can just…..connect with.