‘Nazi’ rant lands US woman in hot water

German police

A woman’s refusal to hand over a liquid deodorant at the security desk in Frankfurt airport has landed her in hot water, after German police took issue with her expletive-ridden rant.

The US national called airport police officers “fucking bastards” and “fucking German Nazi police” after they asked her to either pack the deodorant in her hold luggage or dispose of it, police said on Friday.

As a result, she is under investigation on suspicion of slander, the statement said. The 49-year-old was also asked to pay 260 dollars to cover the expected costs of the legal action.

She was, however, allowed to continue her journey to Istanbul following the incident, which occurred last week.

Security staff discovered a stash of cosmetic products on searching her bag that had not been packed in a clear plastic bag as required and exceeded the amount of liquids that flyers can take.

Police said the rant did not end at the airport: They later discovered posts on the woman’s Twitter page referring to security staff at the major German airport as “crooks in uniform and sadists,” according to the statement.

It added that these tweets will be considered as evidence in the investigation against her.

credit: NAN