How I Nearly Lost My Life


This is a story of how I almost took my life…. So I gained admission to study Medicine but I started having issues from my 400 level. I had to repeat the year before I went to 500 level and had to repeat the 500 level again this time twice. I was asked to withdraw and I thought my life was over. I knew the right things to take to be able to accomplish that.

After much deliberations with my spirit, I decided to do it. I got everything ready and the moment I was about swallowing it I got a call that changed my life. One of my lecturers called me to say the Senate was interested in my case out of nowhere so I called my mom immediately. She is my go to prayer warrior and God didn’t fail me. I was granted one more year of grace and today I am a practicing Medical Doctor who could have been dead from suicide but God intervened.


The writer of this piece chose to remain anonymous 

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