The Nigerian Press; Lapdog or Watch Dog?

By Abire Sunday Olugbenga


The problem with Nigerian journalists and journalism isn’t because it has become an all comers affair but because it hasn’t been intrepid, adventurous and dedicated. We have been petty and it’s serious to leave the fourth estate of the realm to such rot like we are experiencing it with the other arms of government.

Just as a bad book is better than no book, the so called bad press might have worthy justification especially in the face of tyranny and oppression. Yes, Sahara reporters is faceless, rude and unmindful but has it set a template for others to follow? Isn’t it funny and shameful that the so called mainstream media rely on the ‘unmindful’ medium to inform the populace? I kick anytime Sahara reporters take the patent right for certain information being disseminated by other media. That’s dereliction of duty and it’s a grave sin against humanity. Where were the other media when Sahara was digging its well?

Any journalism that cannot oppress the powerful and make them uncomfortable is an irresponsible journalism. Such should be thrown to the gutter for it has failed in its legitimate duties. Maybe we don’t know that hardly will you see any media establishment that’s apolitical in Nigeria. Kudos to Channels Television for a bit of professionalism though. Do you expect The Nations newspaper to write anything against Tinubu or his friends even if they are dead wrong? What about daily independent, Mirror, Premium Times, Vanguard, Guardian and others?

The Nigeria press is currently serving as either a lapdog or a guard dog. A lapdog is harmless while a guard dog barks at the enemies of its owner. We do not have a watchdog as it ought to be. Whether we like it or not, it won’t be far, we will all be consumed by our hypocrisy when it’s fully matured. We will pant for the peace we traded away in the battle for pittances and it won’t come to us. We will be sorry by then. Nigeria is a big joke.