Nina (16)

I hate losing things. You know the feeling you get when you
have a place where you keep your house keys and you are
in a hurry to go to work and when you finally look for the
keys in their normal place and you can’t find them? its much
worse when you lose people. I had no idea where Nina was.
Her line was not going. I had never asked where her family
stayed and she didn’t leave a place of origin address, even
at the office. I didn’t know whether to report her missing or
if she had decided to leave of her own volition. My missing
sim also aggravated matters for me. Obviously Mr A****
had swapped the sims, probably to ensure nobody knew
where I was, but then why alert my parents? And on more
than one occasion someone had impersonated my voice,
claiming to be me and stating that I was in the village. The
person probably found put I was out of the hospital hence
his saying that I would be returning to the office the next
day. What was Mr a****’s plan? And where on earth was
One week passed. I lost my appetite and slept poorly. My
parents stayed until they felt I had recovered sufficiently
then my father, at my mum’s insistence, advised me to
“forget about this girl called Nina.” What proof did I have
that she was not enjoying herself somewhere with her
fiancee? Perhaps she had already agreed to the pact he had
been pressing on her, perhaps she was already part of the
family. Certainly she was not worth risking one’s life over if
she could not even come to visit when I was down. Or at
least she would have sent a text message or called before
leaving town. It was obvious she didn’t care about me the
way I did for her…
My dad kept on presenting points with my mum supporting
him in the background. Finally I agreed to let sleeping dogs
lie, even if it was just to get them off my back. My parents
reluctantly left me after staying another 5 days and I was
finally alone. And defeated. Nowhere to start looking from. I
called the doctor and asked if anyone had coming looking
for me after I was discharged and he said no, but would let
me know of someone did.
Mentally I was fatigued. My. Spirit was worried and I found
myself visiting chuks the stronger more often in my sleep.
There is nothing as calming as keeping connected with your
inner child, for he is your first friend and confidant. In my
case he was just below the surface in my waking hours and
at night he walked with me in my dreams.
“Surely she cannot be so important to you,” he said one
night, in one of my many restless dreams . ” you barely
know anything about her.”
“I don’t know what to tell you,” I replied. ” you can feel how I
“And I feel it strongly,” he said. “But I do not see the reason
for it. Maybe I’m childish or maybe its because as you I feel
betrayed that she left just like that, but honestly we can’t
help everybody. You’ll wear us out if we do.”
I sighed deeply and remained silent. Chuks the stronger
smiled, “Come,” he said, “let me teach you how to make
Ever since the awakening of chuks the stronger I had been
receiving lessons on how to control the Sight, and how to
harness my other senses as well. I knew I could hear, I
spoke with and listened to Pachios and previous landlady
often. And on occaaaion they could touch me, but I never
knew I could touch back. Chuks had taught me how to see
further into the spirit realm than I had ever done before,
now I could see people’s past, present and future and not
just their immediate problems. He also taught me how to
control it so it would not be a distraction. Smell, taste and
touch were new fields waiting to be explored. And then there
was fire. I had mistakenly set it off when I lost my temper
with my dad the week before. Now he showed me how to
channel my anger and how to control it also, lest I burn
myself in the process. I learned a lot from these dream
lessons and was very grateful for it although it left me
fatigued by morning.
Two weeks had passed since I left the hospital and I was
coming back from the local market when I hailed a taxi. I
was about getting in when a bike man almost ran into me.
“Hey! Watch where you are going!” I said, angrily. The bike
man steadied his motorcycle and looked up angrily.
“You too, you no go look where you dey go?!” He retorted.
“This place resemble road for ya eye?!” I yelled, pointing at
the pedestrian walkway where he had almost hit me.
“But I no hit you na, bros abeg free me jor” he replied
sullenly. Then his face lit up as he looked into my eyes.
“Come, no be you be lover boy wey I dey carry him Girl
friend for junction?” He asked excitedly.
“Who, me?” I asked.
“Yes na,” he replied, coming closer. “Na you been dey with
that fine girl, I don carry am two times for your place now.
Na wa o bros, e be like say that girl dey runs you o!”
I had already entered the taxi when he started talking. I
came down immediately and apologizing to the driver,
asked him to go. He said something about woman power
and zoomed off. I faced the bike man now, my heart beating
the rhumba.
“Where did you see her?’ I asked.
“Ah ah, I don carry am like three times now from her new
place na. The first time I see am I carry am dey ask am if she
remember me, she say no. I come say okay, how far her
boyfriend wey dey stay Ikeja side. She say she no get any
boyfriend, say she jus come Lagos newly. I come laugh
come tell am say make she no deny, shebi I dey there when
una kiss on top my bike. Na him she form deaf and dumb,
no talk again. na him me too say make I leave d matter face
my business. The other two times I carry am I still greet am
but she do as if she no know me.”
I was so excited I could barely contain myself. The bike man
saw the expression on my face and laughed .
“Wetin?” He said laughing, “You no wan go where you dey go
“Bros a beg you fit take me reach her place?” I asked
He looked me over and smirked.
“Na wa o, you go buy me beer first o,” he said smiling.
I told him that not only would I buy him beer, i would fill his
tank with fuel as well. He laughed and rubbed his hands
“Oya enter na, make I show you the place!”
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