Nina (19)

I felt good.
I mean, it was painful, my back hurt like a b—–d and the
front of my shirt had been torn from the hurling through the air,
but…but…I felt good.
I wanted this, I wanted to fight. I wanted the exhilaration to
last and last. And so I got up, dusted myself a bit and then
“Do you always talk so much?”
Mr A**** was infuriated. He expected me to be cowering on
the floor but here I was standing and then I started to
“I have never been much of a talker myself,” I said, “Takes the
fun out of all the action.”
The gorilla guard rushed at me again and I stepped back and
stuck out my foot. It tripped clumsily and crashed to the floor
and I went behind it and wrapped my arms around its large,
sinewy neck, and squeezed, tighter, tighter, and it struggled
and attempted to get up but I forced my knee down on its back
and squeezed, shouting now, screaming, feeling salt in my
mouth as I choked whatever animated its monstrous form out
of it, until with a gurgling sound it finally lay still and I dropped
its lifeless carcass on the floor.
it lay there for a while and then it too vanished.
I had gotten up and was standing over the creature when I
heard a yell and footsteps. I knew Mr A**** was rushing
towards me and I waited a bit, timing it to the last minute then
turned as he tried to run me over with the spear. I grabbed the
spear by its s—t and it shone brightly and Mr A**** yelled like
he had been burned and let go, backing away slowly.
“No…No! That is the spear of my forefathers! No one can hold
it but me!”
I held the spear in both hands, put it over my knee and broke
Mr A**** shouted out in alarm and the regalia of clothes he
had been manifesting in, disappeared.
“I just broke a noble spear because of you,” I said, for I could
feel the spear in my arms, its pride, its shame, its weeping.
“You are the first person in your line to use your family gift for
evil. You are a disgrace to yourself and your ancestors!”
Mr A**** cringed and cowered near the old sofa. He couldn’t
understand what had just happened. I could feel his
manifestations slowly dispersing as he lost control of them,
the bats overheard shrieked and started flying away, the house
began to lose the misery it had been steeped in, and he
suddenly began to look older in my eyes.
“Please, please,” he said. “Spare me!”
“You think I’m going to kill you?” I asked, disgustedly. “I’m not
like you. I would prefer it if you saw the error of your ways and
changed. With what I feel in this spear you were wielding, you
would have been a source of great joy to a lot of people
instead of allowing greed and corruption eat into your heart. It
is not too late. You can change. Anybody can change if given
another chance.”
He didn’t say anything, just remained cowering in the corner.
Nina must have heard all that was going on because she came
out and ran to meet me. Mr A**** looked at her in shock.
“You, you are free?” he cried, “But how now?”
She didn’t answer but held on to me tight. “Please let’s go…”
she said. I agreed and we started to move to the front door. I
will admit I was distracted, I wasn’t looking at Mr A****
anymore, he had appeared so defeated there on the floor. The
next thing I knew Nina had flown back into his arms. It was as
if an invisible cord had tugged at her waist and she had been
propelled backwards. I shouted and made to go after her but
Mr A**** did something and the gold chain that held her, that
had been glowing belligerently, suddenly caught fire. Nina
screamed in agony and I stopped in mid rush.
“Good idea,” said Mr A**** grinning wickedly from ear to ear.
“I may not have much of my powers but I still have enough to
kill her with pain. Now step
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