Nina (20)

Let her go!” I shouted. Although I kept my distance, every cell
in my body protested in an effort to lunge forward at Mr A***’s
throat. I watched in horror as he manipulated the chains that
bound Nina’s wings and once again they caught fire. Nina
screamed again and her eyelids shut tight as her face
contorted in pain.
“There are angels everywhere, Chuks. Sometimes they cross
the veil too. They are the kind and gentle people you see on
the road, at your office, in the market. True, we may not be
many, but we are there and we do what we can to alleviate the
suffering of others, even as we too gain experience and learn
lessons that make us grow in wisdom. The veil may take away
our memories of the spirit realm, but it does not take away the
need to impart goodness that is always in our hearts. And no, I
am not dead.”
“But, he tore out your wings…how…I don’t understand.” I said.
“You don’t need to understand everything.” She said.
“Sometimes you just have to have faith. These powers I
exhibited today were not meant to be used here. Even as I
speak I can feel it leaving me. I am meant to live a normal life
here, like any other human being, without extraordinary
powers, without a sword, without Sight. It was this fight that
released my spirit form. I will return now to how I was before
and will have little or no remembrance of what I just did. It will
be like I am awakening from a dream. I don’t want you to
remind me of what happened just now, it won’t help and I
won’t believe you anyway. Thank you Chuks.
She slowly stopped glowing and soon Nina, good old normal
Nina, was once again standing before me, looking as real and
as beautiful as ever. I hugged her, though tentatively at first
but then she laughed and drew me closer to her.
“You did it! You defeated him!” she cried.
I looked into her eyes, and truly there was no remnant of the
entity that was there only a moment ago. I decided to take her
“Yes, I did.” I said, smiling.
Holding her hand I looked back at Mr. A*** who was now
sitting, still trembling, on the floor.
“Let’s get out of here.” I said smiling and we made for the
As I opened it I saw a large flock of those bat-creatures. They
had been hanging around on the scanty hedge and on the
rooftops. As soon as we stepped out they rose into the air,
circled the house once and then they all flew inside through the
open door. I heard Mr. A**** scream from inside, “No. NO!!!
Don’t you recognize me? I am YOUR master!!! NOOO!!!” and
then there was a scuffle as if he was struggling with them. A
moment later he rushed out, laughing maniacally. He removed
what was left of his French suit and started dancing. Then he
stood up triumphantly and let out a long loud howl of laughter.
Nina gasped in alarm. “Do something chuks!”
“I can’t” I said, looking on in horror. “Can’t you see it?”
Nina shook her head, No. she had completely gone back to
being human. If she still had her vision, she would have seen
Mr. A****, laughing triumphantly in his madness, surrounded
by a belfry of his bat-like creatures, almost too many to count,
and chanting in a strange tongue.
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