Nina (21)

Mr A**** never recovered from his madness.
Nina was allowed to resume her duties at the firm following
some pleading and kind recommendations.
Nina’s parents informed Mr A****’s close relatives of his
predicament and after some hesitation and argument they
came one day and carried him from the psychiatric hospital
where we had admitted him for his own safety.
On that day I had followed Nina to the hospital to meet Mr
A****’s son and relatives. Obi appeared to be a changed
person after his father became insane. He was kinder, more
courteous, and even I had to admit that he was indeed a nice
person to be around. Previously spiteful, he now exuded a
friendly aura that made it difficult to hate him. At the hospital
he called Nina aside for some private discussion. She went
with him and they spent a long time together. Well, for me it
was long, in reality it was about 30minutes. When they came
back they were both smiling at each other and Nina stopped
for a moment from pushing his wheelchair and held his hands
and as I saw the look they exchanged my heart sank. She said
something to him then walked over to where I was sitting.
‘Hi.’ She said.
‘We came here together remember?” I replied, forcing a grin.
“Yeah I know.” She said, and sat down beside me.
We were silent for a while in the waiting area and watched as
obi and his people moved around, settling the bill and signing
all the required documents. The silence grew longer and more
awkward. Finally she said:
“Chuks, there is something I want to tell you…”
“Okay.” I said and closed my eyes.
“Obi has called off the engagement.”
I kept my eyes closed and slowly digested what she had said.
Obi had called off the engagement? I remained silent and she
“He told me that he had stopped loving me a long time ago. It
was his father that continued to put pressure on him to involve
me in a blood pact. He said he was coming over to tell me our
engagement was off the day he had the accident. He knows
his father is to blame for his predicament but says he has
forgiven him. He asked that we end our relationship but that
we could remain friends if i wanted and said he was sorry for
all that he and his father had put me through. He doesn’t know
anything about the kidnapping of course and i dont think i
want to burden him further with it. I guess he just wants to
move on with his life.
“How do you feel about that?” I asked.
She sighed and looked up. “Honestly? Relieved. I always felt I
was the reason for him being on a wheelchair. I couldn’t
imagine leaving him after indirectly crippling him for the rest of
his life. But now that he has absolved me of all responsibility
and even says he has been seeing someone else by the side, I
guess I don’t feel guilty anymore.”
When I remained silent and didn’t respond Nina got up
suddenly. I didn’t need any special powers to know she was
upset. “Well, I just thought you should know, not that I
expected any big reaction from you or anything, abeg let me
go and see if I can help them with anything…”
She made to go away when I grabbed her by the hand and
pulled her to me. She sat down on my thighs with a surprised
gasp and I kissed her on the lips. This time, she didn’t hesitate
and kissed me back. And we didn’t care if anybody was
around or if they would walk in on us. When finally I released
her, she had a wicked smile on her face.
“Easy there sir. Remember you are still my boss. This is
sexual harassment.”
“Then file a complaint,” I replied and kissed her again.
Bullet proof. Nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away ….
The song played loudly in the large BRT bus as I made my way
down to jibowu. I had planned on entering the bus that came
to the bus stop before this one but something made me wait.
When i saw it pulling into thr bus stop, i knew i was destined to
entrr this bus today.Even as I entered it, I saw strange spirits
hovering over and around it, dark spirits that had no
misgivings about taking human life. I might have avoided the
bus altogether if not for the old man that had appeared within
their midst, pleading for me to come inside. As soon as I was
in, I could feel her eyes on me, the bearer of the deadly orb. I
ignored here for the meantime and took a seat in the middle
row of the bus as it started to move again.
I waited patiently, listening to the old man’s story of how his
little granddaughter had disturbed their sacred ground at
home, finding the orb in its secret place and taking it to school
with her. It had already taken 9lives that day and had made
the little girl witness every grisly death. When she tried to
throw it away it had caused the soldier it hit to fire accidentally
at a passerby, killing him instantly. The soldier himself had
been lynched by an angry mob before help could arrive. And
the orb had rolled peacefully back to her feet. And now the
little girl was afraid, carrying such a heavy burden and trying to
rum away from home, far away where she wouldn’t cause any
more harm. I asked the old man what he wanted me to do,
and he told me the incantation to use when I held the orb in my
hand. The incantation would destroy the power of the orb, then
I could dispose of it by throwing the remains into the sea.
“Pls help me, help my granddaughter Chunks the stronger.” He
I sighed. Nina would be expecting me home in an hour. I
hoped this wouldn’t take much of my time. I got up and turned
slowly, looking for her. And then I saw her, sitting alone at the
very back seat, a frightened but pretty, slim bodied and fair girl
of about 10years old wearing a blue t-shirt, black skirt, worn
socks and shoes with a light blue beret covering her cropped
hair. My heart went out to her immediately. Nobody else was
sitting beside her and I saw the reason why. Beside her was a
small round object and it was emitting a nasty aura, so nasty
that its effect was being felt in the physical, causing a very
unfriendly atmosphere around her. I walked down to her and
sat down beside her, ignoring the alarmed look on her face.
“Give it to me” I said.
Tears streamed down her face as she looked at my
outstretched hand. She seemed to hesitate and so I said
“Don’t worry, I know what to do with it. Don’t say anything,
just give it to me.”
She finally gave me the orb and I smiled and wrapped it in a
white handkerchief, muttering the incantation under my
breath. I felt it glow and then crumble. Then I stretched my
hand out the window of the bus and threw the contents of the
handkerchief into the lagoon.
She asked for my name, awestruck, and I told her. I returned
back to my seat, noticing that the dark spirits had disappeared
with the orb and the unnaturally tense atmosphere in the bus
had lifted, with hitherto quiet passengers suddenly finding
themselves laughing, enjoying the music and making
smalltalk. As I sat down the old man appeared before me
again, he didn’t need to say anything for me to know he was
“You’re welcome” I whispered and he smiled and disappeared
I listened to some more music from channel O as the bus
headed down to its destination. I looked around at the
passengers, chattering away, arguing about the latest football
match, laughing, browsing on the internet. Most of them would
go through this life not knowing, not believing that there was
something else beyond what they saw in the physical. Some
of them however, a very privileged few, would know, feel, see
things that others would never experience. Whether they would
be the better off for it, the wiser,and used what they
experienced for the good of themselves and others around
them or wether they would follow thr path of evil and end up
with the the repercussions just as Mr A**** had, was
something that even I would probably never know the answer
My name is Chuks B. And someday, maybe I’ll be seeing you.
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