I Am Not A Scarlet Woman (2)

Can women identify what they really want when they find it? A sad story on #TalesFromCollege your favorite page only on gubanu.com


He asked me where I was coming from. I told him we would talk about it later. For some reasons I needed to talk to someone. I called him later that day and he came to see me. Quite surprisingly, I felt at home with Omonigho and told him everything. I mean everything. Things even unconnected to Destiny. Things I wasn’t proud of. Things I wish not to remember. I don’t know how this happened but it did. A look into Omonigho’s eyes revealed his shock. He said he would be there throughout my period of healing and if I don’t mind, beyond. Such kind words from him. He was very understanding. I guess the reason I could tell him everything was that I had no emotional feelings for him.

Omonigho was nice to me as he promised. He calls me daily even after we have been together at lectures. He gave me useful advice. He taught me the masculine codes. He didn’t want me to make further mistakes. I could relate with everything he said because I have been there. I really appreciated him. Three weeks into our friendship, I told Omonigho I would like to have sex with him. I saw Omonigho frozen. He was more than shocked to hear that. I explained to him that my ex made addicted to sex. Clearly, I was missing that but cannot consider going back to that Hitler. Omonigho has been my relief, I considered it unfair to seek sexual gratification elsewhere when I have him. He is a man after all. He wasn’t comfortable with it. His mission was to change me. I made him understand that, if he must make progress in transforming me to a better woman, he has to at least grant my request, he must keep me close by satisfying me, he must protect me from demons by not turning me down. He was still adamant. I told Omonigho that I could get sex from anyone but felt it would be disrespectful to him and show of ingratitude for his efforts towards me. He later gave in. That was how our relationship started, or should I say sexual relationship. Everything Destiny was, Omonigho wasn’t. Omonigho was to say the least a darling. He cooked my meals, washed my clothes when I was ill. He inspired me. My academic performance improved. Never knew a man like him existed.

My problem with Omonigho was that he was too perfect. He was a good man. He didn’t attend get-togethers in school. He didn’t club. He drinks sparingly. He never smoked. He was a good judge of character. He didn’t like my friends. He never spoke to them. He said there were bad influence. He said they were evil communication. Omonigho and I always read books and most times full dosage of moral lectures I got from him. He told me to slow down in making sexual advances because it was unlady-like. He was fabulous but I wanted more fun. I was trying so hard to adapt to the woman Omonigho wanted me to be. His intentions were good but I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t really ready.

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Funke Ahmad graduated from University of Ilorin

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