I Am Not A Scarlet Woman (3)

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The friends I have were the fun loving and seeking type but my boyfriend was a direct opposite. So maintaining their friendship and that of Omonigho- my Godsent, my messiah was a daunting task. Serving two masters is a near impossible activity. Thought about this for a long time and later concluded that I was too young to be imprisoned. To continue living the life Omonigho wanted for me wasn’t feasible but there was no way in this world I would look Omonigho in the face and tell him I was done. I didn’t have that liver. Whatever argument I would present would never be plausible. Besides, I wasn’t that unreasonable and wicked.

One day Omonigho’s friend called him to come over and accompany him to buy stuffs for his house. I was with him and wanted to follow him but he kicked against it on the excuse that his friend wouldn’t appreciate the company of a female. I picked my handheld and called his friend who I was acquainted to. True to Omonigho’s words, his friend turned me down promising that Omonigho would be back before I begin to miss him. I was unhappy but had no choice. When Omonigho left, a friend of mine called me to join her as a cousin of hers came to take her out.  I am not the one to turn down such request. I called Omonigho to inform him. Later Omonigho called me to enquire if I was still out, which I answered in the affirmative. He told me he wanted to start coming back but it was raining heavily, he said he would have loved to sleep at his friend’s house but because he promised me he would be back, he would enter the rain and return. Methinks he was indirectly asking for my permission to sleep over but I wasn’t buying it.

Me and Omonigho never spoke again till past 12am when I got back to his room. I was really surprised he didn’t call me, only to realize he was busy cooking our dinner and lost track of time. I was wrinkling of alcohol. Omonigho was terribly disappointed. He was raving mad at me. All he said was that I should choose between this life and him. I walked out of him and that was how the bubble burst.

Omonigho was downcast. He never spoke to me for 3 semesters. All the effort I made to speak to him proved impotent. I ran into him at the Walkways one afternoon and told him to let it go and move on, he didn’t say a word. He just walked away. In the last semester of our final year, I called him one night and begged to see him. He agreed. I was worried. I never wanted to graduate from the university without reconciling with him. I needed to explain my actions to him. I want his friendship. He is the only guy I can talk to. When I got to his room, I learnt he has moved out. I called him again, he gave me his new address. He said I could go in and wait because he was playing scrabble in someone’s room. I waited, after a while, he walked in and stayed far away from me.

I went on my knees and apologized to Omonigho. I told him how sorry I was. I was never an ingrate. I told him I appreciated all he did for me. He was just looking at me with enormous hatred in his eyes. I explained to him that I left him for his own good. He didn’t deserve a woman like me. I made him understand how extremely difficult it was for me to live the life he wanted for me. I doubted if I would be faithful to him considering my addiction and his constant admonition that I am a woman and shouldn’t be making sexual demands. The last thing I would do was cheat on Omonigho. He didn’t deserve that and I didn’t want to do such and make him feel that women are not worth it.

I told him he deserved better. He deserved a reserved woman, an indoor woman not a club loving, alcohol drinking, sex maniac woman that Destiny turned me into. I left space for Omonigho to be blessed with a good girl. I didn’t deserve him. All these I made him understand that night and he forgave me but never to touch me again. We became friends again and are still friends till date. He was a good guy. He showed me love I never knew existed. For my sake, he has been involved in a physical combat with whoever disrespected me. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for me. Sometimes I wonder what I really want.


Funke Ahmad is a graduate of university of Ilorin