Onyinye My Heartthrob



As a teen, I already knew what sex was all about but I had not put it into practice. All I did was to read playboy magazines and bought CD plates/porn of different varieties to watch at home whilst my parents were away.

I was so naive and timid about relationships. Was scared on how to start a conversation or even say the word “Hello dear” to a random girl. Most girls in my block “older ones” especially, uses the phrase “fine boy” to address me, but I was still shy AF.

It was about that time I got admission into the university 2008 Ahh! I was so glad, freedom at last. I couldn’t wait to mingle with the extraordinary and explore.

I was just 17 then and I requested to stay alone but Dad being a disciplinarian and a strict Naval officer condemned the idea, rather I should join them in the school boys hostel.. I cried in my heart.

Boys hostel kwa? Momsy interrupted. Nooo Noo my son would not stay in the hostel instead let him have a roommate. The university hostel would be crowded, too much noise to concentrate and distractions everywhere, she added..I nodded in agreement on code with a smirk on my face.

My dad had no choice. Finally,I got a roommate and God so kind the said roommate doesn’t stay in the room too often, he had a senior cousin who was in his finals whom he always to go visit and pass the night in his Lodge.

Automatically, I was staying alone
See how God works.

My Lodge was a three-storey building and I was living in third floor. Room 15. The interior was quite good. 2 sound speakers connected to a CD player with a portable DVD and all round blue curtains with a coloured bulb. “awon boys” my starter pack was lit.

I’m the quiet type of guy especially when I’m new in a particular place. I took my time to study the environ and the people living in the lodge. It was cool, no signs of cultism and all manners of indecency.

On this fateful day while I was coming back from lectures looking all wearied and stressed out under the scorching sun, I managed to drag my feet to my lodge and Immediately I opened the gate to my lodge, goddammit… I saw her.

Yes, I saw her.. I mean I saw an Angel.. I saw Onyinye. This girl is too fine abeg. No word is just right to describe how beautiful she is. Simultaneously while I was staring to admire the handiwork of God, my jaw dropped but I made sure she didn’t catch me staring lustfully.

I exhaled deeply.. Onyi was sitting outside her balcony on a handless top and a bum short winnowing her local rice which she wanted to cook that afternoon.

“Good afternoon”.. I greeted. I’m fine and how are you? She replied. I’m okay. I’m Mcberth but you can call me Playkul lol. I smiled and she smiled back.

I continued….. I’m a fresher, I just moved in here last week. Oh yeah.. I saw you the day you newly moved in. You’re very much welcome.

Thought came to mind “so you had already seen me before”
When you’re done cooking, make sure you call me to come and eat o. As you can see I’m very hungry.. I said to her… jokingly. She just smiled at me and nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Onyinye was a Mass communication student, 300 level. So, I majestically climbed the stairs up leading to my apartment. I brought out the egg roll I bought in school in my bag and made quick tea.. Little did I know, I was fast asleep.

Knock! Knock!! (continuously) Like it was in my dream I heard someone calling my name “playkul” “playkul” it was a feminine voice and with the manner it was being called made me wanted to sleep more.. “Very sexual”

I managed to roll to the other side of my bed and answered in a low tune. Yes!.”Who’s that”? “It’s your neighbor”Onyi Okay.Gimme a minute please. When I heard Onyi. In 30 sec. I quickly wiped my face, rearranged my bed and drank the remaining sachet water to gain comportment.

I finally opened the door gently with a welcoming smile.. “How far? “Not far from you”.. Here’s the food you asked.. She said. I was just gazing at her in amazement .. “whoa, seriously I wasn’t expecting this” Don’t worry, it’s nothing, she smiled.

Don’t misplace my flask” she added.. Haba! Why would I” . I’d wash and return ASAP.. Thanks again. I said to her and she smiled and left.. I quickly shut the door to dismantle the meal.

As I was taking my time to appreciate this delicious African jollof Onyinye prepared.. My roomie balled in.. “playkul Wa’xup na? I dey! I dey! wetin happen? This one wey you dey smile like mumu for here, you win lottery? Omo eh! Na real lotto I win o I replied..

Guy who cook food na? I know say you no fit cook for your life”! He said. Omo eh, na one babe for first floor o”. “She fine die I swear”, I added. Hmm!! “Just now now you don get babe. This man sef”.

I chuckled ” Omo no be my babe o, na just my friend”. “If she like make she be your grandmama, that one no concern me” Just bring food make we chop, if na love portion dey inside, our two go kuku love her be that na…. We both smiled and ate happily together.

My roomie’s name is Nnamdi. Nnamdi later slept in the room that day. At night, I couldn’t sleep, I was just smiling and imagining Onyiii’s face in my head. the smiles on her face… Oghene!!

There was something magnetic about her smile that if I was to have committed a crime and such a girl finds me, she could easily lure me out to the police with that smile. Her smile made me weak! How she smiles at me and the way she speaks. Everything about her was just perfect.

Next morning while going to school for lectures, I branched her room to return the flask. I knocked and she opened. Hey Playkul! Good morning how was your night? She asked It was fine.. Here’s your flask.

The food was delicious I enjoyed it. You must be a really good cook? I asked. Isn’t it obvious? You just confirmed it yourself. She added.. I’m about going to school for lectures and it’s a 7:30am lecture.

She was almost ready so I had to wait for her to dress up and wear her makeup so we could go together.. I waited patiently without complain . At last she was done.. I couldn’t recognize Onyii again. Her beauty was now extra, Dammit!

As we both set out, then I knew she had crushers around the neighborhood.. Funky whistles and hailing from guys living close but she wasn’t bothered at all. While we were walking down the main road to get a bike down to school, She started feeling pains.

i asked her what the problem was, she said its menstrual cramps.. Me being a novice, I didn’t know what to do at the moment, I was just confused. I suggested I bought her panadol but she said NO she doesn’t like taking drugs when she’s on her menstrual cycle.

Ahh! I became more confused as the pain increased gradually. She said she won’t be able to make it to school again. I managed to drop her home, she then gave me 200naira to buy her sanitary pads. I hurriedly ran to the nearest kiosk to get it.

It was as if thousands of knives were stabbing her right in her lower abdomen as she held tightly.. I really pitied her as she was rolling from one end of her bed to the other.. . I didn’t know exactly what to do. I was just staring and telling her sorry repeatedly.

As she was crying, her phone rang but she didn’t pick up.. she was using a BB curve2. It rang for the second time and she asked me to help her receive the call.. “hello sweet” It was a masculine voice.. I frowned I delayed a little and replied.

The owner of the phone is not feeling too well, she’s sick.. Please do call her back. Where she? I need to speak with her right now.. SMH!! I ended the call. In less than 45mins I heard a honk at the gate.. I peeped to see who it was.

A Toyota Camry 2.2, American spec. Fine man with beards, a debonair slender, flowing panache and an excellent gait with a glowing skin. Dude is too fresh. She pretended to be fast asleep.

He knocked at the door as I rushed to open, he saw me and I quickly noticed the slight change in his face.. What are you doing here? He asked.. I came to check on her, she’s my friend.. I stuttered and stammered with the reply. Are you her lodge mate? He asked.

Yes.. I replied. Please, give us a minute, I need to talk to her.. At that point I didn’t need any soothsayer to tell me he’s her man friend, probably fiancé. I left quietly to my room.

I was bittered.. See fresh dude with attitude SMH! It was just ringing in my head while I was thinking about the 5mins conversation with that ruthless gangster.

Later that night, I went to see Onyi in her room. Before I could say a word she had apologized, she noticed I wasn’t happy with the way her boyfriend talked to me.. I prepared noodles with enough pepper and egg.. “The confused man size” We ate and discussed.

She told me she wasn’t into him.. blah blah blah. That he was just forcing himself on her.. Paid her rents, buy her provisions and foodstuffs. At that point I was a little bit relieved. I started catching feelings.

Well, we were friends, but I had always fancied her more. However, she was obviously going out with a rollerblader. She told me her birthday was coming up the upper week. I asked her if she would celebrate it, she said yes..

Fast forward to her birthday.. It was on a Wednesday.. I could feel the breeze of celebration in the air. I sent her a lovely birthday message that morning, she called back to thank me. I was glad.

Hours later… I saw about 5 missed calls from Onyi. I was worried, I quickly went out of class to return the call. Hey babe. What’s up? Yeah. I’m fine.. where are you? I need you to come over to Olaiya restaurant right now. “Hope nothing serious”? I asked.. No. Just come

Without hesitations, I flagged down a bike heading towards school gate.. “Bike!! Bike!! Stop.. carry me go Olaiya.. na #100. I hopped then we Zoomed off… In less than 5 mins I was there. Stand-in front of the entrance..

I called her phone.. “Hello where are you”? “Just come upstairs” she said and quickly hung up.. I mumbled a second and climbed up stairs.. The moment I saw her, my heart jumped for joy.. Our eyes kissed..while she gave me an eye gesture to come close.. (We both had lunch)

Later that night her bestie came through . (This one was another dead ass gorgeous babe) They both literally looked like twin. The speakers were on set, DJ on his wheel-of-steel. People from other lodges came through.. Invited peeps and non invitees.

Girls of different shades, slim, thick, chocolate and oyibos.. I was just low-key observing the moment sitting in one corner. My phone rang and it was Nnamdi.. He asked if the celebration had kicked off. I told him yes, that he should hurry up.

In no time, Nnamdi had match up the scene, my mind was settled, because I finally got a company let to me it would have been boring. Nnamdi asked if I wouldn’t mind dancing with Onyi, I told him NO that I was shy, he was disappointed. He got up and walked directly to Onyi.

He whispered to he, Onyii turned to look at me and smiled but I didn’t smile back. Lots of guys just wanted to have a moment with her as they were all flocking around her.. I was just pissed, I stood up and left the scene to my room with tears.

Minutes later, my phone rang I picked, it was her she asked where I was I told her I was in my room ,she came upstairs and noticed I wasn’t happy about the whole settings. As she was trying to explain.

I stared at her, she was little disoriented. She looked at me with her round brown eyes, smiled, and asked, “Do you think we should make out?” I glanced down at her ripped T-shirt and striped leggings she was exactly dressed for seduction.

“Are you suggesting this because you feel sorry for me?” I asked. Onyii had heard my complain from Nnamdi. “I think this is a really bad idea,” I said. ( though I was really craving for this moment )

“We’ve known each other almost a while now.” “Aren’t you tensed?” i asked. “What if it’s fun?” I was convinced but I was so trembling. We were sitting so close that our legs touched, and when I looked over at her, she leaned in and softly kissed me.

And I kissed back.. We kissed again, tentatively, then frantically. Then I took off my shirt. Onyi was my crush but s*x with her was entirely priceless.. Tattoos in spots I had never seen, the taste of her skin, even the way she looked at me.

There was never a pause to take a breath or a moment of wondering aloud whether we should stop. Instead, we squeezed each other’s hands for reassurance and smiled between kisses.

I was so engaged in the s*x that I was unable to turn off any thoughts of what it might mean. By the end, my sheets were tangled, and she went off to sleep in her own room.

The next morning, I walked into her kitchen to find her making breakfast for me. I didn’t say a word, saving that for an “OMG, just had amazing s*x with onyii” I texted Nnamdi that I had s*x with Onyi.. He tried to call me, but I ignored his call.

The thought of it won’t just leave my head. It was so good, Onyii’s is a pro at giving blow jobs.. Later that afternoon we grinned, and a few hours later, when she brought me juice while I read magazines in my room, I pulled her on top of me.

That became our habit for almost that session. Whenever we were alone together in my room, in her kitchen or in the toilet we’d have furtive s*x. Afterward, we complimented each other’s techniques and then went back to our normal friend rapport…

The End..


written by @Mcberth_Playkul