Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade Reveals Her Traumatic Growing Up Experience


Nollywood actress Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade took to her Instagram page to share her growing up story with fans. Read her post below;

Started as a little girl with very low self esteem seeking my light from within… soon to experience different challenges and changes I wasn’t prepared for. It wasn’t easy at all. Nonethless, I believe I passed my test in adolescent life lessons bc it has molded me into the individual I am today. Thank God for my gracious growth thus far. How did it happen? Well… it literally just hit me. One day I decided that I wasn’t going to allow my flaws to get the best of me or allow other people’s views of me depict how I saw myself. I would seek happiness for my own sanity. I would plainly just DO ME! I think I was about 13 years old when I made that decision. Today, I stand before you grateful and proud of who I am, what I pray to become and what I want my legacy to stand for….💫