I was offered provisional admission to read computer science, I vowed to myself that I will graduate with first class after my 4 years and be retained as a graduate assistant but many things derailed my target starting from my experiences as a fresher on campus were horrible, I was nervous because of the tales I had people tell about university and the kind of orientation my siblings give me when I was leaving to school, also statements like “university is a wider world full of people with different characters bad activities” this made me to be so isolated from people especially the male folks anytime they come around me I will try to avoid having anything to do with them because I always have the mindset that they are for bad, my other area of challenge was lectures schedules, I usually have early morning lectures so I have to be awake by 5am to start preparation that groomed me to work with time in my dealings.

As the semester progresses our lectures became hectic, I was considering switching to another department but I met the head of department and protested, our lectures were readjusted to 4 lectures weekly this help me academically and emotionally because I was beginning to develop brain fatigue On the long run I was distracted by other secondary activities like clubbing every Friday, relationships, social media etc.

I felt I have arrived because I began to follow some big girls on campus just to feel among leaving my primary activities, I totally lost focused in my academics due to peer influence which is the cause of many students’ failure. In my 100 level, I used to have a friend;  we study together, we were both good academically, we were both on 2.1 but when we got to 200 level I noticed her detachment from me, she was having more time for her guy and other social activities on campus, anytime I question her she will say “ all works and no play makes jack a dull boy” to some extend I began to follow her to have fun too then one  of my lecturers noticed my drop in performance, she sat me down and counseled me but my friend kept on, she will go to her boyfriend’s houses and spend a week until one day she was drugged by unknown guys who also molested her sexually.

A night to our exams she took me out so that we could just chill somewhere off campus, that night we had fun with some guys till I couldn’t come back I almost missed my exams the next day but I was pardoned because I was not known for bad attitudes from that moment I learnt a lesson, when I spoke to my friend about her lifestyle she took offence of it and that’s how we separated. I became more focused, my dream for first class re-awaken, I was determined, prayerful, I targeted first class but found myself graduating with second class upper. Students need to be focused and face their primary objectives of being in school and lay a target of the kind of result they want to graduate with after the duration of their course of study and work to achieve and student should also be cautious of the companies they keep.

Christiana is a computer science student of Uniabuja