Playing Games

By: Kerendu

I ran. And ran, and ran, and ran. I couldn’t think, I just kept running. Finally, I looked up and saw running water some miles in front of me. I felt so much relief from inside out and I sped towards the direction of the running water and took as much gulps as I could manage to handle. I sat down under the tree near the water to get some air. I just couldn’t help reminiscing…
It all started three months ago. I had just finished my second year final exams and was still reluctant to leave because, the period after exams is the best time to have fun. I decided to take a stroll with my friend Jess [short for Jessica]. As we strolled we had a lot of girl talk as expected. Then she told me about Amanda’s fourth boyfriend. “June you won’t believe it but, I just found yesterday that Amanda’s dating four guys at the same time and they are all mega rich. I wonder how she does this but I don’t think she deserves all those nice men.” I smiled; it was so typical of Jess to sound this way. “So what are you now? Her judge? Oh please…” “See June, I want you to take away Manuel from her. That guy’s too good for her plus you need him more than her.” I gaped at her in shock. I just couldn’t bring myself to utter any word so, she continued. “Stop looking so shocked, don’t worry I’ll help you.
Amanda mentioned something about him wanting an 8am to 12pm type of cleaner to do his cleaning. You could …” “Whoa! Wait a sec. There’s no way in hell I’m indulging in this crazy plan. Yes I need a guy but, I need mine and not another girl’s. I’m beautiful enough to get mine.” She shrugged and we moved unto another topic though I knew she’ll find a way to bring it up again, and she did but it was two days later.
Eventually, I gave in to Jess’ crazy plan. Yea, she was right, the guy was cool, cute and rich plus, Amanda was treating him like shit. I went for the interview and began working for the guy in no time. I knew my pride would never let me seduce him or do anything to give him the wrong idea of me so, I sought to get his attention without hurting my pride.
Much to my great fortune he brought a young boy he introduced to me as his niece to stay with him.
Manuel was obviously horrible with kids so I willingly gave all the help I could in preparing the boy for school, fixing his breakfast and lunch and doing his homework with him whenever I was around. This won me his most sought attention.
In no time, we became friends and then he asked me to date him. I was so happy that I finally achieved my aim of making sure he broke up with Amanda and replaced her with me. As days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years, Manuel and I became so in love, he made me so happy.
One year some months after, he proposed and we were to get married once I finished school as I just entered my final year. One fateful day, I decided to pay my boyfriend a surprise visit at a time I knew he’ll surely be home. I got to his house and it’s was uncomfortably silent. Thinking he wasn’t home, I decided to go to his room with the intention of dropping bag on the bed while I await him. As I opened the door, what I saw shocked me to my bones. His niece was tied up, helpless on the bed whimpering, while he continuously sc***ed his ass. I screamed and did what came to my head first. I ran…
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Kerendu is a part 4 English student of UniAbuja