By Abire Sunday Olugbenga

Not many people were cool with the recent declaration of intention of governor Ayodele Fayose, the Oshoko of Ekiti to be the president of Nigeria. It gave many an opportunity to pour some venoms on him. He sounded like the ailing Baba Suwe, the Yoruba thespian who is known for his ‘awada keri keri’ in most Yoruba home videos. Like Baba Suwe, governor Fayose didn’t know when to stop a joke until the viewers get bored with his display of insanity. I kept reading lacerating comments to tear him down as if he had proclaimed himself as Jesus or Muhammed. What could have been the sin in pursuing a legitimate ambition? Is Fayose not a Nigerian anymore? Where did he go wrong? How has his intention injured anyone? I kept wondering.
No doubt, the highest political office in Nigeria should not be occupied by a Jester. It’s a position that comes with concomitant responsibilities. We can’t afford to see our president eat amala and gbegiri on the street of Abuja or somewhere in Ibadan. Nigerians and Nigeria need more than stomach infrastructure. It’s no time for jejune leadership at the centre. We can’t afford to witness a fatuous presidency where vulgarity sits comfortably at the centre of unity. That will be costlier than Boko Haram onslaught. It will be a misrepresentation of Nigerians and our already battered image will further be mashed in the odoriferous mud.
Ekiti people are the most read in the country. There is hardly any house without a professor. Although, majority of them cannot profess nothing. Go there and engage them. But I dare say some of them are exceptional and to be gifted with a governor like Ayo Fayose is beyond explanation. What could have been their sins? How did a supposed intelligent people settle for an ‘ebora’ that feeds on jollof rice? Collective folly, destructive conspiracy, a divine punishment or all of the above?
No doubt, Fayose has been the harshest critic of President Buhari. He has said all kinds of things to the number one citizen of Nigeria. Nobody has stifled him. Even if Muhammadu Buhari decides to share rice and beans like Ayodele Fayose does in Ekiti, he will still condemn Buhari for wasting our money. Like an unloved wife, there is nothing Buhari has done that suits Fayose. That’s the extent of his bellicosity. He became an Igbo man just because of Buhari. Who doesn’t know that the enemy of your enemy is your friend? He pressed for a handshake across the Niger. Mazi Chukwudi Ayodele Fayose is the man to beat when it comes to the unthinkable. He can even slap an unyielding judge, dethrone a king while beating him to stupor and stifle the legislators.
Hon. Gboyega Aribisogbon, representing Ikole constituency 1 in Ekiti state House of Assembly was hurriedly suspended because he talked too much in the house. It displeased our potential president that he staged a mini war with the man who hadn’t abused him yet. That’s a governor who is at liberty to say unprintable things about anybody in the country. He hates bad publicity but gives it to people unabated. He is the Lord of Lords in Ekiti state and nobody must yell even if he rides on your scrotum. Just smile and allow the emperor have a sweet day. You can be sure of a pittance for balm later in the day. The kings also cry. Ogoga of Ikere should thank his star for that public apology. He would have lost it to Ayodele. He learnt from Ewi of Ado. It’s the second coming of a serpent whose tail was cut off but still had its head. Ekiti people never thanked president Obasanjo for truncating an inglorious era. Perhaps, the people love impunity.
Aso Rock isn’t for rookies. It’s obvious that Ayodele Fayose knows nothing about 21st century governance. I have always asked why Ekiti state needs an airport when the one that’s 30 minutes away in Akure isn’t functioning well. What a governor! He rants daily whenever it concerns Buhari but he has failed to tell the world why he hasn’t paid salaries for months. Even legislators in Ekiti state who could have fought for the people are yet to be paid for about six months. Yet, no constituency allowance. Ekiti state is in Nigeria but let’s tell Oshoko that Nigeria is not Ekiti state. And we are very excited to say no to his presidency. We can’t afford to put a clown in the villa. Governance is more than paying twenty thousand naira for a plate of amala and ewedu.
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