Prosecutors meet on judges in graft cases


The role of judges in fighting corruption was the main agenda of the meeting of The Executive Committee of the Association of African Prosecutors (APA) in Maputo.

APA chairman Hélder Gróz said: “It is important to see how prosecutors should act in accordance with the principles of legality, as it is an unequal struggle.’’

While prosecutors and judges are guiding their actions on criteria of legality, criminals use every possible and imaginary means to evade punishment,” he told the two-day gathering which began on Friday.

This is the second meeting of the Strategic and Executive Committee of APA, which also aims to prepare the Annual Conference of African Prosecutors to be held this year in Mauritius at the beginning of November.

The two-day meeting, which ends on Saturday in Maputo is being attended by judges from 13 countries, including Angola, Egypt, Uganda, Niger, Rwanda, Lesotho, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Guinea-Conakry and Mozambique.

Groz said apart from fighting crime, the question of education and prevention must also be considered.

In addition to the training of magistrates, this meeting intends to analyze ways to cooperate with the United Nations to strengthen the fight against environmental crimes, cyber and trafficking in human beings.

Susan Marx, a representative of the American Bar Association (ABA), which supports the APA, said that in addition to discussing the actions of the magistrates, it is also urgent to strengthen the policies and legal framework to combat such crimes in Southern African Development Community (SADC).

She spoke of the need to strengthen cross-border initiatives to protect states, adding that ABA will provide technical assistance through regional experts to APA.