Queen Elizabeth Is Officially An Instagram Influencer


Take a bow, people! Queen Elizabeth is officially an Instagram influencer!

The 92-year-old monarch paid a visit to London’s Science Museum on Thursday to announce its summer exhibition, where she saw a letter written to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from Charles Babbage, the world’s first computer engineer.

With a tap of the screen in the newly opened Smith Centre in front of guests, the Queen touched the screen and made her first contribution to the @theRoyalFamily’s official Instagram account.

The caption reads, “Today, as I visit the Science Museum I was interested to discover a letter from the Royal Archives, written in 1843 to my great-great-grandfather Prince Albert. Charles Babbage, credited as the world’s first computer pioneer, designed the ‘Difference Engine,’ of which Prince Albert had the opportunity to see a prototype in July 1843.”

Watch the epic moment the Queen made her very first post on Instagram: