Read What Ik Osakioduwa Has To Say About Wedding Receptions And Honeymoons


Nigerian media personality, IK Osakioduwa has said having a honeymoon is more important than a wedding reception.

The celebrated star said this in a recent video he posted online to advice people who are planning to get married.

See what he said below;

“Actively save and plan to have a honeymoon. I know many people now go without one and they say it is because of cost. No, you can go anywhere. Go to Ibadan, Calabar, Yankari games reserve.

Just go somewhere and have a honeymoon. Escape from the craziness. What does a honeymoon do for you? It takes away from all the business of your lifestyle.

Give this person a chance to relate with you and know you intimately. So before the pre-weeding photo shoots and dinner and the expensive trips people seem to have these days, decide to have a honeymoon.

I would say it is more important than your wedding reception itself.”