By Abire Sunday

I wrote about my involvements in all the three major religions while growing up some days ago. I tried to justify why I chose my present faith on the ground of blind preference and not on any claim of superiority as most adherents do. I did point out why it would be unnecessary for any logic to change my blind belief. It’s personal. It defies all known logic. It works for me and I can’t find anything better in others however juicy or auspicious they might appear. I have been lucid enough. I struck out all ambiguities lest I face barrage of questions before some juries.
Like the biblical Job in his humble submission when he was struck with some storms, the things I feared most came upon me too. My pieces recently have suffered some misunderstanding, outright misinformation and confusion as most people have alleged. And I still wonder where I have been nebulous. I am as confused as they have been by trying to peruse these unambiguous anecdotes with the intent to place my hovering eyes on the purported errors without finding any. Damn it! Should I surrender to the philosophy of perspectivism? Should I put forward another to reimpressed in their minds what the letters and the spirit were saying? I started the mess and I must cleanse it with more mess. Probably, going the way of Paul Goebbels, Hitler’s main man in the business of propaganda would settle this dust once and forever.
Religion is personal. It’s a search for a power that’s above man. Our minds can only conceive it, process it but the interpretation lies with divinities. We don’t have power to explain spiritual things no matter how possessed we might be. This is why God’s ways are not ours. His thinking is far from ours. As heaven is far above the earth, God’s doings are far from man. Who will explain mysteries without first swimming in the pool of discombobulating confusions? Such is the blessedness of the curses that accompany spiritual matters. I loathe those who pontificate therein. I dislike the inanity that comes with speaking the mind of God authoritatively. It is puerile to be docked in such. It’s purely a chase after the wind.
Islam, Christianity and the third alternative are pious religions for their adherents. Just as no culture is superior to another, no religion is superior to another. I have had a sweet romance with all and I can tell from their doctrines. One thing that’s clear in all religious beliefs is piety. The purification of the soul for eternal bliss takes the centre stage. Every other thing is woven around the call to eternal bliss in the hereafter. Nothing more. While man pegs this noble enjoyment in his strength to follow some doctrinal guidelines, he desires that his God should guide his steps, provide for him and protect him against foes on earth. All his worships and spiritual attainments are to lure the gods to grant these benefits. Nothing more. Now, tell me which religion you know in the world that doesn’t agree with all I have listed above.
The choice of my faith is strictly mine and not for another to judge. I am a Christian by choice. I don’t trouble others or coerce anyone to embrace mine. We must make our choices but I can always admonish others to embrace mine in fulfillment of my religious obligation. Let’s not be confused, no religion is problematic but the adherents. Islam in Yoruba land is the same Islam in the North but the people differ. Unless man becomes less problematic in his religious pursuits, religion will never have peace and atheists will make fun of our collective tomfoolery. We must treasure the umbilical cord of humanity that binds us together. This is our first and reasonable religion.