Ridiculous amount earned by pornstars

loose woman
loose woman

Every second, there is an average 28,258 internet users watching pornography. Over 35% of internet downloads contain pornographic matter. That is exactly why the business has become so popular, the product is made fast, and has been made easily accessible, in fact every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is made in the United States.
Most people associate the adult industry with busty blondes that makes guys super hot and girls really jealous. This is not always the fact, as per the findings of a recent study, moms and teens rule the world of porn watchers!

But If someone was to assume that men spend more time watching internet porn than women, that person would be absolutely correct. 72% of all online porn is watched by men while women only make up a mere 28%. In fact, 70% of women who indulge in online porn keep it a secret. 9.4 million women access pornographic material each month and 13% of women admit to watching pornography while at work.

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This may seem mild compared to the 20% of men who admit to accessing porn while on the clock. There are over 4.2 million websites dedicated to pornography which is about 12% of the entire Internet. Most people tend to think of young men with raging hormones when they think of online porn watchers but men aged 35-49 make up the largest demographic. We should educate ourselves about one of the most misunderstood industries in the world and learn how the porn stars provide a life for themselves.

Female porn performers earn much more than male porn performers. A porn actor can earn as little as $150 to as much as $1500 per scene. Gay scenes pay higher than straight scenes with actors earning $500 or more. An actress on the other hand typically earns anywhere between $400 – $2000 per shoot depending on the nature of the scene, the filming company and the actress’ level of experience. Asa Akira for instance earns $2000 per scene due to her huge level of experience and popularity. A top female actress usually gets $800 for a gay scene, $1000 for a straight scene, and can receive $5,000 or more for more sexually compromising scene.  This is hardly a windfall paycheck especially if you consider the kind of money that top mainstream Hollywood actors make. On top of this, agents take 10% – 15% of the performer’s pay.