Sex Dolls and Our Changing World

By: Eme Chibueze


sex doll according to wikipedia is a type of toy with the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in sexual activities, it may consist usually of an entire body with face, or just a head, pelvis or other body parts necessary for this function.

The sexual parts usually vibrate are removable and interchangeable and its creation can be dated back to the thirteenth century when Dutch sailors could be isolated for a long period of time on sea voyages without their wives and sex so they resorted to creating masturbatory objects usually made of old sewn clothes called dame de voyage by the French which gave rise to the what is today called sex dolls through various stages and years of improvements.

Cheaper inflatable dolls were made out of wielded vinyl and bear but they were crude and typically artificial and bursts after few uses as one of its short comings but people overlooked them due to their affordability.

As with change being a constant thing more adjustments came up with its body being made of thicker vinyl or heavy latex and by early 1990s from tin-cure silicon, silicon dolls were made and by 2000s platinum technology replaced this, 2012 came with cheaper dolls than the platinum type and were created from thermoplastic elastomer .

With only about four major companies manufacturing these objects , some sex doll hotels are already springing up in different parts of the world thus creating difference in opinions and generating huge controversy worldwide and experts have speculated that many more companies will come on board to tap from the thirty billion dollar sex industry.

By moral standards this industry may not thrive so well at least Africa in the short fall due to family and cultural values and largely because we are deeply religious in this part of the world.

As a writer I believe the developers will keep pushing for more and better dolls just to sell out and smile to the bank without looking at the danger it may posit for the coming generation and women but as Africans we should brace up for more surprising technologies in the near future as it is inevitable.