SHAMIM (part 1)

Wesley Spartan


A strange excitement built in the pit of my belly as my eyes met Shamim, yet it seemed she didn’t see me. She merely hung her head in the air, smiling meekly, as she walked towards me. My eyes examined her well-sized, sharp-pointing boobs prodding out her dark-red top that exposed her cleavage.

Everything about her was a new creation. Sheen than I thought of her back then in school. Shamim and I, had been classmates for four years. At some point, I’d got an intriguing interest in her. Poor me! I was afraid and not courageous then.

The intimacy she’d towards me said it all; just friends. Tho hurt, I respected her decision. Seeing her now, returned the long healed wounds of her love. I can’t remember how that came but I was determined to take vengeance.

“Hi Spartan!” She muttered as we got close. I could see she was surprised at seeing me.

“As-salam Aleikum Shamie.” I responded, quite friendly and warmly while offering my hand. She chuckled and pull me close for a hug.

“Waleikum Musalam. I can’t imagine this is you, a big guy, wow! What brings you to this place?” Shamim asked as tho she didn’t know what people that go to Kiwa Heritage want.

“First, I came to refresh myself and as well relax in the hot spring. But I guess I’ve literally had enough of that now. Secondly, I came here expecting any sort of surprise. Seeing you has surpassed my expectations for the day.” I said, trying to get her talking.


“Mischievous boy!”, she laughed, “What did you expect? Some secret treasure or two?”

“It’s no longer secret. Anyone here can see that. The place is glowing from the beauty in front of me.”

“Haha! Stop it! You’re cheeky. How are you doing? Come this way, we take a seat and talk. I see you’re prepared to shower me with your flatteries.”

“Even after close to 7 years, you still call that flattering?”

“I’m sorry…”

“Cut it out. It’s alright. I’m doing well as you asked. How about you? I’m just wondering at what might’ve brought you here.”

“To relax with good naughty people. Haha!”

Jeez! She was beautiful than I’d imagine. Her eyes held the stars. Her smile equalled the brightness of the night moon. It was getting dark. Shamie was evidently enjoying my company. Would it be the reason? Cause I was wondering why she wasn’t showing any signs of leaving given that we came by our own means and not on appointment.

Well, that was welcome to my own advantage if she decided to spend another hour with me. The conversation had taken its toll on me that I forgot to go to the spring. And at the thought of it, I invited Shamie to join me. I knew she’d hesitate but later gave in to my soothing pleas.

Shamie descended down into the pool like a model, pausing at each step, and more like an angel descending to her prince charming. She located me quite easily, since the pool side is not that lit.

“Oh, it is hot!” Shamie said as she stood in front of me, giving me her hand as she balanced herself on the slippery pool floor.

“I’m cold. Can we barter, get you cold as you get me warm.” I replied.

Shamie splashed water into my face, forgetting she was an inch away from me. I pulled her to me, our bare skins meeting. Her breasts pressing on my chest. Her eyes adjacent to mine. Lips nose-to-mouth distance apart.

I waited for her reaction, but there wasn’t any. She felt rather comfortable. I wrapped my hands around her waist. She looked at me for she had pressed on my sudden hard-on. But before I’d get my senses to the embarrassment made, I planted a kiss on Shamim’s soft, scarlet lips. Two kisses, and she kissed me back. Pulled back and said she was leaving in a few minutes.

I regretted my quickness, and the thought that I might’ve made her angry. It was the first of the yet to come steps of bedding Shamie. Out of the pool, she handed me her business card and told me to only call in the evenings but not exceeding 10:00pm. We walked out of Kiwa Heritage in silence..

The story continues…


Wesley Spartan writes from Uganda


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