SHAMIM (part 2)


I called Shamim 20 minutes after reaching home while defying her earlier caution not to call beyond 10:00pm. I wouldn’t be bothered if she hung up on me, I had already messed up that evening.

A quick thought came into my mind, what if she was married? That she wouldn’t want marriage-spoiler-calls; that came late at night as she lay besides her darned husband.

“Oh, let it not be my Shamie!” I told myself before I realised the receiver on the other end had answered the call.

“I know it’s past 10:00pm, but I had to make this call to ascertain whether my one-second-long good kisser had arrived home safely.” I said before I would even hear the voice on the other end. What if it was not Shamie? Her mother or father silently listening to the lucky bastard wooing their daughter.

“No worries. I reached home safely. And you?” Shamie replied as I confirmed it was her sweet voice that sent chills down my spine to my dick that all I imagined was having it inside her.

“I didn’t arrive to safety. I’m rather being tormented by the cloud of thoughts from our encounter this evening. I know I messed up. I’m sorry I crossed the line. But if that’s how memories are created then trust me, your lips against mine will remain thus far the best memory I can ever have. I thank you for the time, jokes and everything.” I told her, in a practiced tender voice from one of my favourite Telemundo soaps I watched two years ago.

“We shouldn’t be talking about this now. It happened, so quick, that I couldn’t stop it, rather I kissed you back. But we should forget about all this. Tho I can’t take that scene out of my mind. Spartan, I don’t know…”

“What don’t you know, good kisser?

“Hmm, nothing. I need to sleep. I’m hanging up.”

“Just when I thought you’d. Shamim, can we meet again please? If there is a chance. We could meet in an open place and talk more formally. It has been ages and our first encounter today ended up in disappointment.”

“No, Spart, I’m not disappointed. Can we forget all this? Okay, about meeting again, I’ll think about it. Good night dear!”

“Good night Shamie.”

Two days later, Shamim called me in the afternoon and after the customs she told me to meet her at the Golf Course. We’d been there together seven years ago. I rushed through my lunch. Took a shower. Made my colour choice for the dressing. Handcuffed my left arm with a golden watch. Then made out for the battlefield in which love wars are fought. No, I wasn’t fighting Shamie. All I was going to fight where the dark alliance that’d in any case try to stop us. All I wanted was Shamie to be by my side. I swear I’d beat Hulk to pulps with her by me.

I spotted her in the vastness of the area. She was glowing from the late afternoon sun rays behind her. I held her soft hands. Looked into her eyes and hugged her. Then sat down to talk.

By the time we left the Golf Course, I was certain of my place. Jeez! I couldn’t hold the excitement. I was her right ear, right eye, right foot and right leg. And she was my other half.

“I’ve been hurt before. Several times. I was about to give up on these love issues until you showed up. It might seem quick. But to us it starts seven years back when you told me you love me. I’m sorry Spart, I, too loved you. But I wasn’t certain. I was afraid to say it. I was blind with no courage. I hurt you, but it hurt me more. All this ends now. I can trust you for a new life. A new start. Yes, I love you Spart. Been thinking about it. Like at school, this time I couldn’t hold the feelings back.”

“You make my eardrums useless. They can’t let me hear your words. The sweetest of all. Instead the heart has hijacked the ears. Everything you’ve just said, the heart can recite. Will always remember and keep. I won’t say thank you. That’s just an expression so usual. I love you. Simple but I mean it like my whole life depends on it.”

Before I’d even initiate the departing ceremony, her lips had met mine. It was dark everywhere. The breeze being the only thing to hear. The swaying of trees taking the rhythm of our kissing this time being emotional. I held Shamie so tight. Kissed passionately until we gasped for air. She was now mine. The dark alliance was defeated. Love wins they say! With a soft weak whisper, Shamim said she’d visit me through the weekend.

“Holy cow! Mission about to be accomplished!!” I said to myself.

To be continued…!


Wesley Spartan writes from Uganda