SHAMIM (part 3)


There was a heavy downpour that Sunday afternoon, and I was worried my love would probably not be coming. Besides, I wasn’t sure if she’d locate my place again after several years.

I’d earlier on in the morning postponed a meeting slated for the afternoon with a potential business partner. I was determined to give up all my own for her sake. What was business in the face of Shamim? What is business than seeing the prettiest, richest smile I’ve ever seen? Being with Shamie in my arms was everything to me.

I had once again fallen in love with her. With a love so strong and genuine. Shamie had changed my life in just one week. All was now possible under the sun. How’d one believe it took me seven years to be accepted? To be loved by Shamie, after the most devastating rejection whilst in school? Shamim and I, were now undisputed evidence to the assertion that “…true love waits.”

My phone rang. Walked to the next table to pick it. And it was her calling. Poor me!! Another heartbreaking decision. She had changed her mind and not coming, I thought. I reluctantly answered the call.

‘Come outside, please!’ the voice on the other end said.

It was still raining. And I wondered why Shamim was outside and not knocking on the door for me to open. I put the phone down and left for the door.

On opening, I was astonished to find Shamie standing in the open. Luckily she had an umbrella. But why? What was she up to? I called her in, while standing on the veranda, but she declined and instead called me to go get her.

I laughed, then begged her to get out of the rain into the house. The pleas fell on deaf ears, or else were carried away by the wind. After a little hesitation, I gathered some courage and dashed out to meet Shamie. She was to pay for every shiver I was to have after we got into the house. I held and raised the umbrella higher, so I’d fit my height in. By now she was simply staring at me. No word out of her.

I held her hand with my free arm and felt it clutch onto me. I looked into her eyes. I don’t say it’s what I read in them, but I did what I imagined she wanted. I brought her closer to me and then kissed Shamie. One, two, three kisses and she held me tight and continued kissing me.. Ignoring the rain, I dropped the umbrella and held her tight, too, as we passionately kissed. The raindrops descended on us but were too engaged to care.

By the time we gasped for the air, we were all soaked to the toes.

Shamie breathed out heavily and then with a sigh, she smiled at me and said, ‘Thank you darling. You kiss well in rain,’ she laughed, ‘so, you thought I’d let you be warm and dry after being soaked in rain coming all way from home to meet you? Sorry baby! We’re now equal.’ she continued.

‘You’re wicked Shamie. But we’re not equal yet. Once we’re inside there, every time I shiver, you’ll pay. Make sure your body can warm us both.’ I responded jokingly. And she smiled.

‘I’ll do anything for my love. If I’m able to stand in the rain with him. Standing in the sun will be easy.’

At the blow of the wind, I realised we were all soaked. Shamie had dressed in a white free, long dress that now exposed all her curves and edges. The tight-fitting dress had glued to her well-shaped body. Her small-sized breasts all pointing out. Her relatively flat tummy and curvy hips. Down to her juicy thighs to the toes. Shamim must have had her own separate day of creation. Everything about her was beyond imagination.

I watched raindrops flow down her scarlet lips. These were the lips I’d now kiss at any time. I passed my thumb over them and then with a single swipe, I swept Shamie off the ground and lifted her into my arms and made it towards the house. I didn’t care if anybody saw from their window, down to what we had done. She was mine. And I’d do anything to her, and with her anywhere at any time.

Inside the house, I handed her a towel to dry herself. She stood up and took off her dress right in front of me. Left in panties and a bra, she dried herself as I got lost in thoughts. I was awakened by her voice when she asked me to give her one of my shirts. I gave her a T-shirt big enough to cover just up to her bums.

‘Sweet fragrance. I hope it’s yours not of someone else that I’m not ready to imagine exists. This life is for us; two, to live.’

‘Like that T-shirt that now has the smell of us, two, will our lives be. Sharing, and giving it up all our own. I really love you Shamim. I didn’t ascertain to what extent, until I kissed you out there in the rain.’

As a baby would jump out of sheer happiness, Shamie jumped onto me, wrapped her legs around my waist and then her hands around my neck. She then went for my lips and slowly kissed them. We moved to the sofa, and curled up.

‘I’ll be having the night here, sir.’ She whispered, ‘so treat me to your best that I’m impressed to come back again, and forever!’

wait for the last part…


Wesley Spartan writes from Uganda

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