Six mistakes to avoid when starting your natural hair journey

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You might have been seeing celebrities and even your friends hyping their natural hair and now you‘re thinking about starting your natural hair journey, or have already started your journey. But you’re quickly realising the struggle is very real.

It is so real, that you’ve considered chopping it all off, going back to relaxers because you just can’t figure it out, or it is expensive and exhausting.

There are so many rules, techniques, methods, products, hair types and information overload out there that one can become easily overwhelmed.

The truth is that there are some common mistakes that people make, and if they knew these pitfalls, maybe they could avoid them. Be one of those people by reading this piece covering six mistakes to avoid when starting your natural hair journey.

Everyone’s Going Natural, So I Will Too
There are lots of reasons why people decide to start a natural hair journey. Some no longer want to use synthetic, harsh chemicals on their hair.

Others are curious about their natural hair type or texture, and want to explore different styling options.

Many no longer want to conform to what some deem the ‘standard of beauty‘.

All of which are great reasons. But what happens when you start and you experience some struggles?

It‘s important when starting to determine your why – why are you making this change? If it‘s just because all your friends are doing it, you may regret your decision.

This has to be something you want for yourself and are willing to take the time and effort to learn in order to maintain the health of your hair. If not, frustration can easily make you regret your decision and before you know it-you feel defeated and are back to the relaxers.

I’ll Just Straighten My Hair While I Transition

Transitioning is the process of no longer using a chemical relaxer and growing your natural hair texture, and can be a difficult period during your natural hair journey.

Any time you use direct heat to straighten hair that has any type of curl pattern, you run the risk of compromising the hair‘s curl integrity.

Too much heat, either in one heat styling session or several sessions over time, can result in loss of curl integrity. Uneven curl pattern, loss of curl pattern, and breakage are all signs of loss of curl integrity.

That loss is most likely permanent. Unless you desire to wear your hair straight permanently without the use of a chemical relaxer, continuously straightening your hair while you transition is a gamble.

Consider other styles to blend your relaxed hair with your textured hair that don‘t involve direct heat.

I Want My Hair to Look Like Hers
Your hair wouldn’t look like Bisi’s. Some people may have a similar hair type, but no one truly has Bisi hair like Bisi herself and the sooner you come to this realization, the better.

Everyone‘s hair texture is different. Yet they all have pros and cons, and are all beautiful in their own way. Don‘t use new growth as a gauge for your true texture.

Your scalp needs time to heal and regroup after years of chemical use. It takes about a year or 5 to6 of hair growth before your true texture shines through.

The Urge to Try Every Product
Kill this urge. Products aren‘t designed to work with products from other brands. They are formulated to work together, so when you mix and match products from different brands, you can run into issues.

And then it is difficult to determine what is causing the issue. As a new natural, you have to try a few brands to find one you love. Try one product line at a time as you are learning your hair and what works for it.

And if you‘re looking for a product that will create curls you don‘t naturally have, stop. Best to go with natural products.

I Don’t Have to Spend Time on My Hair

As a new or transitioning natural, you have to be willing to take time to care for your hair. Your hair is so tender at this time, so it needs lots of tender loving care.

The kinkier the curls, and the finer the hair strands, the more susceptible your hair is to breakage. Rushing to care for and style your hair can result in damaged and dry hair. Wash day doesn‘t have to take hours but healthy hair does take time.

I Don’t Need Professional Help Now That I’m Natural

Just because you’ve started a natural hair journey, you don’t have to trade in trips to the salon. Professional hair stylists who are knowledgeable in natural hair care can be a huge resource for you.

You don‘t need a hair stylist to maintain your natural hair daily, but it is helpful to visit them every 3-6 months to get your hair evaluated and treated if needed.