Sometimes in December 2012 ,  i  met a guy on Facebook, we became friend, we kept chatting, two weeks into our friendship he asked me out, I accept even though I have not known him, he will always call, send messages and chat me up and  he was romantic though, I will do the same, months to a year and I became anxious of having a boyfriend because I just clock 19 that year and got admitted into university.

I began to make arrangement how we can hook up on campus and get to know each other personally and confirm if I wasn’t really dating a ghost but he keeps telling me to have patience along the line he introduced me to his friends through phone call I kept chatting with his friends, there I was able to get some information about his lifestyle, background, personality which made me fell in love with him the more and became more anxious to meet him.

We kept on call for 4 years, I became tired and ashamed of the whole scenario because I can’t even share my love story or show my boyfriend to my friends I was really  frustrated, felt I should just quit but his persuasion kept me on.

Sometimes in 2016 January he accepted we can see but in his house where he stays off campus and on the condition that I will spend a week with him, I read meanings to it but decide to risk it, but another issue my father often check on me after 2 days so had to lie to my parent that I was going for an excursion and I will stay for a week, the six days I spent with him were full of experiences I can’t really say if they are bad or good but whichever way u view it after reading is your view, he broke my virginity, sex me every night, cuddle me, had deep kisses and other things that raises my sexual libido, he made me sexually active, we even made love vows to each other, during the day we usually go out for a date, shopping which I solely financed everything we even bath in bathtub together, he will cream my back, massage me then and also jug evening he was really caring and romantic we had a nice time together.

I kept visiting him anytime I deem it fit, until I raised the idea to meet his parents that I learnt they live in a neighboring town, he yielded to my idea and I got to meet his siblings, they all approved our relationship, his parent promised to come see mine whenever Hamzat is ready but it seems he wasn’t ready at any time so I became fed up and stop visiting him thinking he will be the one finding me and seeking for my attention but I was mistaking that how our relationship began to diminish as days pass away, the amount of calls on daily basis reduced and his level of commitment dropped,  if I ask he will give me several excuses then I realized he was just a player, I had no option than to quit the relationship, it wasn’t easy because he was the first man i had intimate relationship with and how he used  my life was painful but I learnt a lesson that even professors cant not teach theoretically.

Aishat is a student of Uniabuja




  1. I cant blame d gal entirely but she has made a mistake let her grow beyond i, Shit happens n every1 either male or female has a story to tell about past relationships….she needs to move 4ward in life n 4get it.
    Thank God she wasnt impregnated n left to takia of d kid alone

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