By Abire Sunday Olugbenga

Just as the frenetic race that’s evident in the ovarian struggle, life in its fullest circle has continued the frantic race endlessly. It’s the battle of guiding and guarding what you have by any means possible. We are so perturbed and thrown into confusions which sometimes impede us from getting the best out of our limited lives.
Life is war. And all mortals must fight from the beginning to the end. Even when it’s nebulous to us why we must use our sword, we put it in readiness for a battle without an identified opponent. That’s our lot. It’s what we have been conditioned to. We will never be fulfilled without being involved in this needless war.
Over the years, I have asked many questions about the nature of my existence and essence. I have found one thing to be true. It’s the truth that all battles and victories of life are deliberately skewed for creatures to enjoy futility. The life we have is a mirage and the pursuit of happiness to permanently own it is another sheer display of tomfoolery. We were promised to give up the life we were given soon after it was given to us. As cunning creatures, we pledged our allegiances but we have carefully walked away from the oath by overprotecting the gift we swore to return.
Consequently, man has adopted different prophylactic means to cheat death permanently even when it’s known to man that it’s a futile voyage. Why should a man prevent the inevitable? Isn’t it puerile to keep what’s not yours forever? Does it make sense to prevent a sparrow from falling since it was configured to fall? Why the pretence of promising to pay a debt when in actual sense you aren’t ready to?
Life is a loan to be repaid. While I began to discuss the problem of our society regarding our beliefs with one of my mentors today, I began to examine why people do what they do to protect their lives. Honestly, if we remove the fear of death from man, his life will be beautiful. Imagine if there is no premonitions of a witch in the village, a bad ass evil man in the office, a terrible competitor in the marketplace, an unloving friend in the neighborhood, etc. Our lives would have been lived beautifully. No man would have been lesser than what his creator wanted. However, religion may promise longevity. Protective charms may buy more time for us. Sacrifices may redeem our fading days. Spiritual attainments may elongate our existence but we will surely pay back when the gods are ready. Head or tail, the sparrow will fall. Why are we really struggling to keep what’s not ours? Can we live right and stop thinking about eventuality now? We will merely be undoing ourselves. Period.