Stay Prepared With A Fashion Emergency Kit


As the stylish person you are, we believe you should be prepared for everything. This is why you must keep a fashion emergency kit on you at all times.

We have compiled a list of must-have items to store in case there is ever a fashion emergency. They will be sure to get you out of the stickiest of situations in no time.

Stain remover pen

Instead of walking around with stains, you can put one of these pens in your bag to clear up those nasty mistakes.

Stain remover wipes

If you cannot get a stain-remover pen, then wipes will help clean off mistakes or make stains less visible in minutes.

Lint roller

A mini lint roller is handy and ideal for cleaning up any situations involving dust or fluff.

Deodorant remover

The only thing more frustrating than a deodorant mark is a toothpaste mark, although the latter is more common. A sponge remover will be sure to do the trick.

Wrinkle remover

Not everyone has a steamer, but you can get a travel-size wrinkle remover for days when, for instance, you cannot iron your blouse because of a power outage. The spray will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and leave your clothes smelling fresh.

Double-stick tape

From a fallen hem to a plunging neckline, double-stick tape can help you keep your clothes together with no hassle. It can also tuck your bra straps away safely if need be.

Sewing repair kit

The most important thing of all is to always keep a sewing repair kit with you that is filled with the basics—needle, multiple colours of thread, safety pins and small scissors. It will come in handy when you need to replace a button on the spot or fix a small tear.